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complete curriculum plans for civics, world, and us history. every day, every lesson is fully planned out and ready to go for in-class or distance learning with videos, projects, primary source analysis activities, online textbooks, and more. lesson plans & resources for exploration & american indians to modern america at your fingertips. each unit is fully planned out so you know exactly how to teach each day. our lesson plans for middle school and high school are guaranteed to engage your classes! don’t settle for boring resources that put your students to sleep and hurt your reputation. students of history is the leader in innovative resources that get students to love history! these are tried and true resources that are innovative, easy-to-implement, and engaging. you can get immediate access to all of them for one low monthly price!

our lesson plans for middle school and high school are guaranteed to engage your classes! these all look like activities well suited for my 9th grade american history class, and i think they are going to love it. love that the interactive notebooks can be done digitally. “this bundle is amazing. all the resources, pacing guides, google interactive notebook, and powerpoints are exactly what i needed. i love how everything is organized and very easy to follow. i use it in all my courses that i teach and find it to be organized, easy to use, and engaging to students. i use it instead of a traditional book and find that my students are gaining a deeper understanding of history because of it. discounts are also available for multiple subscriptions.

to help fulfill our mission of promoting excellence in the teaching of american history, the oah offers a variety of teaching resources geared toward secondary and postsecondary learners. oah members can now add a discounted subscription to the history teacher to their membership. the history teacher is a quarterly journal devoted to the art and practice of teaching. this web project gathered various resources for educators and students of all ages. they can discuss specific historical content or history pedagogy, including teaching history as a literate practice and as part of the common core state standards initiative.

each issue of the oah magazine of history, published from 1985 to 2013, focused on a theme or topic of recent scholarship in american history and provided readers with informative articles, current historiography, and lesson plans. oah members can access the full archive of back issues through oxford university press. “textbooks and teaching,” a section of the journal of american history published annually, is a forum for examining the techniques and resources of american history education. developed jointly by the organization of american historians and the national center for history in the schools at the university of california, los angeles, the u.s. history teaching units are based on primary documents for u.s. history at the precollegiate level and were written by teams of teachers and historians. the journal of american history podcast and the oah youtube channel feature conversations with and lectures by leading historians.

what is historical thinking? recently inteaching materials. ask a master teacher recently inhistory content. website reviews find resources that will support your students’ learning, whether you are teaching a complex moment in history or addressing today’s breaking news. history explorer is a full-featured search of all the educational resources from the national museum of american history. for tutorials, tips for searching,, .

students of history provides thorough and engaging lesson plans and resources for teaching social studies to middle school and high school students. the aha developed resources to assist historians and teachers with online teaching, many of which can also be used for developing in-person courses. from to help fulfill our mission of promoting excellence in the teaching of american history, the oah offers a variety of teaching resources geared toward, . what are the resources for teaching? how do you teach history? where can i get teaching resources? what resources or tools might help you better teach your students about history and their connection to it? top world history resources for the classroomsheg’s world history lessons. united states holocaust memorial museum. history channel. pbs learningmedia crash course.

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