hispanic heritage month classroom activities

the contributions of americans of hispanic and/or latino heritage should be recognized and celebrated all year long—their history is our shared american history. in fact, september 15th was chosen as the starting day of hispanic heritage month because it is the independence day of costa rica, el salvador, guatemala, honduras, and nicaragua. for older students, it is appropriate to discuss the lack of representation hispanic and latino americans face. we encourage teachers to introduce music and food to enrich students’ experiences during hispanic heritage month as part of a larger celebration of learning and not as the sole activity.

like music, a culture’s traditional foods offer a wonderful enhancement to the students’ understanding and appreciation of a culture. celebrate hispanic heritage month by showing your classes some of the amazing art created by hispanic and latino artists. hispanic and latino heritage sites are spread throughout the u.s. from wild ponies in virginia to glaciers in alaska, the huge influence hispanic and latino americans and their ancestors have had in the forming of our nation is visible to all who care to look. let them share their discoveries to build public speaking and collaboration skills as well as to let other students learn more about hispanic and latino heritage. lots of great videos and articles are out there to help make sure the correct information gets into your students’ hands (and minds!).

and now is a great time to highlight some of the hispanic people who have made a difference. learning to count to 10 in spanish can be a fun and engaging way to introduce students to the spanish language. her parents and the hispanic community took action against this injustice and fought for desegregation in their local schools. but when she and her mother are forced to flee to california, their only shelter is a camp for mexican farm workers.

to fight for the rights of people like his parents, chavez organized a series of non-violent protests during the 1960s. if you want to say anything, say it.” dolores huerta grew up with a feminist mother and activist father who taught her the importance of fighting for what she believed in. in 1969, she became one of the leading voices of the stonewall riots, a series of protests in response to anti-lgbtq violence. although clemente died on a plane trip to provide relief for earthquake survivors, he is remembered as a role model for many—especially the puerto rican children he served.

the best hispanic heritage month activities, in this huge collection of resources, ideas, songs, crafts, printables and more! 1. create a spanish-language center in your classroom. fill it with age-appropriate and engaging spanish activities, such as word-matching dominoes, word- interactive timelines, scavenger hunts, and other learning fun all about hispanic americans. from aztec math to carnival masks, these ideas, hispanic heritage month activities elementary, hispanic heritage month activities elementary, hispanic heritage month lesson plans pdf, hispanic heritage month crafts, hispanic heritage month events.

these classroom hispanic heritage month activities honor the achievements, culture, and heritage of hispanic and latino americans. one simple yet profound way to celebrate hispanic heritage month is by teaching your students a little about hispanic history, art, and culture art activities. incorporate art activities into your lessons and class with student-created activities such as making mexican holiday decoration or drawing a, hispanic heritage month people, hispanic heritage month activities 2021. how do we celebrate hispanic heritage month in the classroom? what are some activities during hispanic heritage month? how do you include hispanic culture in the classroom? how do you celebrate hispanic heritage month at work virtually?

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