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ghosts and goblins are about. princes, princesses, fairies, and knights fill schools and classrooms. if you are not quite ready to celebrate in “spooktacular” fashion, you’re sure to find a fun idea of two right here. halloween math halloween is a time for math fun — for estimating and measuring pumpkin weights and waistlines; for drawing spiders with coordinates and discovering the math woven into spider webs; for categorizing costumes; and for graphing candy counts. my pumpkin story use an online tool to create a unique pumpkin, then write a story about its special characteristics. (grades 6-12) halloween party alternatives from unicef replace your typical school halloween party with a valuable service-learning project. pick a pumpkin activity pumpkins are the ultimate october icons — the fruit of the month, if you will. pumpkins are a fruit.)

this month, celebrate pumpkins with these across-the-curriculum activities. move over halloween — here comes historical figure day historical figure day is an alternative to the traditional halloween hoopla. scare up some great halloween poetry-writing activities halloween is the perfect time for students to scare up a humorous poem or epitaph. the mindseye monster exchange project: monsters made to order! try pumpkin science, pumpkin math, pumpkin writing… a spooky adlib story get creative this halloween with this adlib activity in which students answer questions on an excel sheet to create a silly, spooky story. besides having fun, students can review basic spreadsheet skills and develop creativity. students predict, then extrapolate, how many vampires are in the world, based on the legend that, once bitten, each victim becomes a vampire. spooktacular lessons for halloween education world shares five halloween treats, lessons to put you into the “spirit” of the season, goosebumps in the classroom the guinness book of world records lists goosebumps as the best-selling children’s book series of all time.

these are going to hide things that the students have to feel and guess what they are. if you can get someone to help you, put another hole in the back of the box and have someone hide behind the box (covered under a blanket) and put their hand through the hole. before continuing, get everyone to help you clear everything to the sides of the classroom so there is a large space in the middle and get everyone to sit down on the floor. first get the “ghosts” to stand up and show you how ghosts move around (saying “whooooooo!”). and get everyone to move around making the sound.

chorus: look out of the window tonight, what will we see on halloween night? as you go through each page, point to the key vocab in each picture and elicit the halloween characters and the sounds that each one makes. encourage your students to get up and act out each of the characters that come up in the story, for example: teacher: (pointing at the ghost on page 2) what’s this? about the colors, clothes and other objects in the pictures) and even ask yes/no questions about what each character is, for example: teacher: (pointing at the monster on page 3) is this a mummy? after reading the story, give out a reader worksheet to each student and have everyone identify the halloween characters that were in the story.

ready-to-use free resource: halloween lesson plans and activities plus more spooky fun classroom activities! 1. teach new vocab and play “flashcard ghost chase” flashcard ghost chase 2. do “halloween paper plate mask craft” 3. play “halloween walk” 4. sing a here at teacherplanet.com you will find exciting lesson plans for a variety of halloween unit themes. you’ll also find clip art, worksheets, activities and an, halloween lesson plan elementary, halloween lesson plan elementary, halloween teaching resources, halloween health lesson plans, halloween virtual lesson plans.

halloween lesson plans a broom’s story – the student will be able to explain point of view and write a story from a witch’s broom’s point of view. bat mobiles halloween theme activities, lessons, and printables for pre-k, preschool, and kindergarten. get the halloween theme printable resources bundle here! reading is one of the easiest subjects to add to halloween lesson plans. options include: a halloween tea with poetry is always fun too. maybe, halloween esl lessons for adults, halloween writing lesson, halloween library lessons, halloween resources free. how do you teach halloween? what are 5 traditional halloween activities? what activities can i do for halloween? what do you do in halloween class?

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