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you will get some ideas for classroom decorations, classroom management, organization, bulletin boards, creating a teacher command center, fun seating and more that you will actually use this year. i love this idea; you give the students small notecard and have them write a nice message or something that they like about each person. you can take pictures of your students and put them in the decal picture frames to create a wall that is unique for just your class. you can cut out leave patterns in different colors and attach them to a string with close pins for a gorgeous banner to top of the theme. when the timer runs out they give it to another student that is on task and the process continues for the whole work time. you can hang this on the board so that students can write what they need, and you can help them when you are ready without interrupting the lesson.

you can re-create a table like this in your room with some stencils and paint. by the way this teacher is a most follow on instagram, you will love her feed! this teacher simply decorated a giant storage tote and cut the lid for the kids to slip in with a book. check out below how some teachers have implemented this theme in style and find out how to re-create the look in your class this year. the key to a teacher command center is to create a space that is just for your stuff like this teacher did. you have one of the hardest jobs on the planet i hope this post might help add a little fun and beauty to your hectic day! chaylor & mads is more than a lifestyle blog because a portion of the proceeds go to help those in need throughout the world.

– ideas for the elementary classroom. see more ideas about classroom, elementary classroom, classroom organization. 1. “i know a word” 2. rhyme time 3. practice counting 4. spelling review 5. “i need a synonym” 6. reinforce other skills 7. roll dice to what are good classroom themes? ; rock and roll classroom theme ideas sports classroom theme ideas sunflower and burlap classroom theme ideas ; buy rock and, .

organize sharpened and unsharpened pencils create gorgeous bulletin boards create a classroom wall add fun touches find easy classroom featuring inspirational quote posters in your learning environment can lead the way to great conversations and critical thinking. urge your class to consider a cheap beach ball can be a fun discussion or review tool. write questions or discussion starters on the ball using dry erase marker so you can reuse it. toss, . how can i make my classroom interesting? what makes a good classroom? how can i make my classroom more attractive?

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