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for the purpose of example, i’ll be using commas in this post, but you can apply these same options to pretty much any grammar skill you are teaching. if you want your students to feel engaged, play a song for them as they are walking in the room. it’s true that grammar instruction is most effective when taught in the context of reading and writing, but students need mini lessons, and it’s okay for those to be via direct instruction first. grammar is a concept that students really do need to take in at their own pace, and they need to see examples repeated. the majority of the practice and extension for grammar skills in my classroom happens on subsequent days.

plus, you can use them to get students up and out of their seats by hanging them around the room or the hallway. different variations of sorts exist, and there’s no right way to organize a sort as long as your students are learning from the activity. another idea is to have students re-read a recent piece of writing and revise it by adding commas that are used correctly for each comma rule you taught. hopefully some of these ideas have inspired you to create grammar instruction that works for both your students and your teaching style. an avid reader and writer, i’ve had the privilege of teaching english for over a decade and am now an instructional coach. this is the space where i share my learning with others.

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