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current best gym singles are 450 / 290 / 460. after running an experiment / peaking block to push my squat up i decided to pivot and do some hypertrophy work. if i hit 10×10 in the timed window i added 10lbs to squat, dl, and ssb squat. rest of workout was accessory work, lots of rowing, ab wheel, and rear delts. i didn’t bother, the paradigm shift to higher volume with short rest was enough to kick my ass (and grow me a bit), i didn’t think i needed slow negatives for additional doms. definitely improved hypertrophy in chest, quads, and lats. upper body, in general, loves this style of training and i will likely retain it for accessory work when i switch back to strength / power. ohp is just a perpetual pita since i have to train it seated (upright now was awesome with this though).

for me, i could not frame the challenge in an engaging way. what i mean is, i may try to restrict my rest during accessory work to 45-75s instead of letting it float. i ran this through the holidays so diet was not perfectly aligned to my normal food habits. i also found a different article that said the tempo was gratuitous / unneeded. conditioning – much improved, for example, on squat i went from 225x10x6 -> dead for the day to 245x10x10 and then did a full bench session on top of it. i know it’s hypertrophy so i should have been more diligent regarding weight, bfp, and measurements but i was only doing it to advance total not necessarily for aesthetics, unfortunately. weren’t you worried about exhaustion and that leading to mistakes, when you hit set 8, after only such short breaks?

which brings me to gvt, i did some reading on it, and decided if i got through the 20 rep squat program, i could get i’m a big fan of gvt, i think that i will run another cycle soon. it is a tough fucking routine, though! i’ve been running gvt for over three months now, following the program on it has you doing an initial , german volume training plan pdf, german volume training plan pdf, german volume training spreadsheet, original german volume training program, german volume training results.

the results for me were pretty good, but not as good as my current routine – so i stopped the gvt in favor of a 6 day split just a reminder to everyone feel free to use our wednesday discussion thread for training and routine discussions. it seems like there is no specific training technique that can specifically call itself gvt other than any routine utilizing 10 , german volume training poliquin, high volume training reddit, german volume training app, german volume training for natural bodybuilders

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