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the charles darwin research station — the charles darwin foundation is dedicated to the conservation of the galapagos ecosystems. evolution: a journey into where we’re from and where we’re going — expansive web version of the pbs special series. voyage of the odyssey — video, audio and image files from the galapagos leg of pbs’s tv series. and the galapagos giant tortoises are the largest tortoises in the world — yet they are endangered.

galapagos geology on the web — visit some of the galapagos islands and their volcanoes with this clickable map of the archipelago. volcanoes online — a thinkquest award winner, this site was created by students and designed to educate other students about volcanoes. all about whales this fact-filled, illustrated site for the youngest researchers presents basic information, including size, migration, behavior and classification. visit the education corner to find investigations designed for the classroom of sea horses, plate tectonics and giant kelp.

we’re currently in a time where parents are required to be teachers, and children are learning everything at home, and we’re here to help. using discovering galapagos, you can help your children learn and deepen their understanding of the natural world and the conservation challenges we face. discovering galapagos is an educational resource available both in english and spanish designed for use in the uk, ecuador, and galapagos. however, discovering galapagos is ideal as a highly relevant and reliable resource for homeschooling across ks2, ks3, ks4, and beyond. storytelling is a fantastic way to engage people of all ages in science and conservation and can inspire them to be more environmentally conscious.

that’s why we have launched a free six-part guided reading session for teachers, parents and carers based on marti the hammerhead shark: a galapagos journey. the downloadable pack will give you all the resources you need to teach, inspire and discuss marti’s story with children. we’re currently working on improving our discovering galapagos platform with the launch of a new website soon and continually adding new resources. alternatively, our species adoptions are a great way of finding out more information about a specific species whilst supporting crucial work to protect the galapagos islands. © 2021 galapagos conservation trust   registered charity no. registered in england no.

these worksheets look specifically at the galapagos islands and askeds students to create their own rules for eco-tourism. subjects:. these discovery activities will help students understand the possible means of transport of plants that colonized the galápagos islands. modern-day darwins. once your students have all the relevant information on these amazing islands, here are some fun activities and games. lesson; course. 974 views. divingmarvel, where is the galapagos islands , where is the galapagos islands , where is galapagos islands?, galapagos islands vacation, darwin island.

activity: animals, adaptation, and the galápagos islands: a science explorations activity. from scholastic, this audio-visual interactive tool is in english, find galapagos islands lesson plans and teaching resources. from galapagos islands biotic worksheets to galapagos islands maps videos, quickly find this is a great educational site, with lesson plans, study tools, quizzes and suggested reading. (note: discovery channel ads at top.) nsta galapagos — the, . are there schools on the galapagos islands? why are the galapagos islands important for kids? what is special about the galapagos islands? what are three interesting facts about the galapagos islands?

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