future soldier armor

us army soldiers will soon begin gearing up for battle with new, lightweight body armor and helmets that can take a serious beating, the service revealed this week. at the event, a soldier who had been shot in the head in afghanistan last year was reunited with his life-saving helmet. less effective than the ihps, the current helmet, the 3.3-pound ech, is decidedly durable. he was shot in the head with a machine gun round at a distance of about 20 feet during an insider attack in afghanistan last year.

“before this incident, i thought the helmet was cumbersome, and it was overkill,” mcqueen said. there is still one hole in the front of the helmet for soldiers to mount night vision devices, like the army’s new binocular goggles with the ability to connect to the sights on a soldier’s service weapon, allowing them to shoot from the hip and around corners. the bigger helmet also offers more space for comms devices, and protective additions such as a visor, motorcycle-style mandible guard, and ballistic applique are also possibilities. the vest is also accompanied by an optional blast pelvic protector, gear which reportedly offers additional protection for the groin and upper thigh.

us army’s new helmets and body armor will make soldiers lighter, faster, and even harder to kill future soldier 2030 initiative was a us army program that was launched in 2009 with the mission to research and develop future soldiers’ equipments, weapons and body armors. austin h.’s board “future soldier concepts” on pinterest. see more ideas about future soldier, soldier, armor , future body armor, future body armor, next generation armor, ratnik-3, future combat armor.

while similar to the american land warrior and future combat systems projects, as ratnik-2, can adapting for the future. “part of the push for this new system was that we were looking for a system aberdeen proving ground, md. — soldier armor, such as “the future soldier requires a , new body armor technology, future soldier program, special forces body armor, soldier protection system

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