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as a dedicated teacher you want your lessons and resources to really inspire the students, but it’s impossible to constantly create new resources to fit all the different levels of students in your classroom. the internet can be a black hole that could swallow all your time and leave you empty handed. the resources are free for teachers to download and print, but please remember to respect copyright. this is a very comprehensive grammar site—easily one of the best.

print them off, give them to your students and they will easily get sucked into the fine points of grammar. this site is simply an enormous catalog of all sites that have anything to do with french and french culture. jim becker, professor emeritus of the university of northern iowa, runs the site and it is a marvel of the french virtual learning universe. download: this blog post is available as a convenient and portable pdf that you can take anywhere.

whether you’re teaching online or in-person, you may be looking for resources to enhance your stellar curriculum. we’ve done the research and have come up with this list of the best websites for teaching french to all levels and ages of students! powered by rosetta stone, this immersive environment teaches students by connecting words and phrases with images through five levels, each consisting of four units. students can improve or brush up on basic french with these 24 interactive video units filmed around lyons, the alps, and in provence.

kids can learn french in just five minutes a day with these game-like lessons that cover reading, writing, and speaking. this fun, interactive french course for middle school students represents an ideal blend of language learning pedagogy and online learning in four key areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. choose from a wide variety of french language and culture lessons for everything from complete beginners to advanced students. after years of teaching psychology in the classroom, she now teaches blended psychology, anthropology, and sociology courses online at the college level.

french teacher resources – free french teaching resources for teachers of french as a foreign language, power points and worksheets on a variety of topics. 8 online french teaching resources you can’t live without ; 1. french teachers in new zealand ; 2. light bulb languages ; 3. tes connect – teaching resources ; 4. as a french teacher, i’ve compiled my best free how hard it is to find quality french resources for teachers for your classroom., french teaching resources primary, french teaching resources primary, french culture resources, french resources, french classroom resources.

best websites for teaching french for elementary school dinolingo fluentin3months k12 l’etoile outschool pbs french time4learning. cactus has carefully selected readily available online teaching resources for french including e-books, audio-visual materials, worksheets and lessons plans. canopé. french ministry of education platform for pedagogical materials arte. european cultural and educational tv channel, including pedagogical resources., french resources worksheets, french teachers. where do teachers get resources from? how can i become a good french teacher? what are some online resources for teachers? what is the best teaching resource?

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