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i know firsthand how hard it is to find quality french resources for teachers for your classroom. check out this free “teach for justice” unit from the teacherspayteachers collection.not to mention it’s a full weeklong free french unit for days 1-5 in your french class. this is a great digital french resource about one of my favorite francophone leaders, angelique kidjo. this digital interactive notebook is my favorite french resource for teachers busy during back to school time. i used this next resource during the immediate needs of quarantine teaching for my french 2 class. i made this resource for other teachers like me trying to figure out how to remotely assess students and based it on french -er verbs.

it’s especially hard to find french resources for proficiency-oriented instruction. this free french classroom game is a great speaking and listening resource for reinforcing high frequency verbs and objects around the house! not gonna lie, this is low-key one of my favorite french resources that i offer for free. then grab this free writing activity for christmas in your french class. check out the one below for lessons to highlight black francophone leaders in your french class: finally i have something amazing for you. have you ever wondered how to transition to proficiency in your french class? i can’t wait to see what the school year holds for you.

read on to see how you can use a variety of resources to engage your french students and help them develop a love for the language and culture. the videos you select can also show native speakers using the language in a practical way and at a more realistic pace than students might find in their workbook exercises. but did you know that food is a powerful resource for engaging students?

for example, have students order food at in a makeshift market or restaurant, then, take their conversation to the next level by using advanced, nuanced vocabulary. to aid students in engaging with the material, use the holidays as subjects for writing prompts, or turn aspects of a holiday into an object lesson. drawing from an abundance of resources can help you engage students with varying interest in french, while aiding them in expanding their knowledge and learning how to speak with confidence. download: this blog post is available as a convenient and portable pdf that you can take anywhere.

an online professional network for french teachers all over the world to communicate, share lesson plans and resources, and create partnerships. i know firsthand how difficult it is to find quality french resources for your classroom. as a french teacher, i’ve compiled my best free a rich toolbox of classroom resources exists for french educators that can transform every lesson into a smashing success like the story mentioned above., french resources for teachers, french resources for teachers, free french resources for primary schools, french teacher resources canada, french culture resources.

french teacher resources – free french teaching resources for teachers of french as a foreign language, power points and worksheets on a variety of topics. featured products zeinixx french level 2+ reader . qatar world cup french poster flangoo™ world language digital readers subscription how and why to vocabulary training for in-class activities. teachers can create an account for free and create their own vocabulary lists which the students can use. they can, french resources ks2, french teaching resources primary. what resources do students need in the classroom? how can you promote french culture in the classroom? what resources can teachers use? what are some online resources for teachers? best websites for teaching french for elementary schooldinolingo. french lessons, games, books, children’s songs, flashcards, and even worksheets!fluentin3months. benny the irish polyglot guides young learners through lessons and resources to gain fluency in french!k12. l’etoile. outschool. pbs french. time4learning. babbel. 8 online french teaching resources you can’t live withoutfrench teachers in new zealand. light bulb languages. tes connect u2013 teaching resources. tex’s french grammar. fluentu french. text to speech. best french websites index.

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