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not only do the non-native speakers need to learn new vocabulary and a new set of words, but those taking esl courses also need to learn the structure of english sentences and some basic grammatical rules. fortunately, there are many websites online which help provide information so students can learn the basic fundamentals of esl: new vocabulary. flashcards are a great way to learn new vocabulary and to commit it to memory. fortunately, there are a wide range of printable esl flashcards available online that both students of esl and teachers can print. the cards can be printed directly from the site for free. esl-kids – this website is much like the other one in the sense that it provides a number of flashcards covering the many words one would need to learn to function in an english speaking country and learn english as a second language. these flashcards are also completely free and available in sets.

you can choose to download the sets by the types of words you would like your student(s) to learn. the site also has links to suggested games that can be played with these flashcards and provides tips on encouraging young learners learn english as a second language. like the other sites, the free flashcards here are offered in different sets including: zoo animals, birds, organs of the body, classroom objects, and flowers to name just a few. for instance, all the words associated with a dining room are pictured in a dining room setting in the flashcards category involving items in the house. the flashcards are available for download in pdf files from the site and the user can make the choice about how big they want the cards. these sounds are highlighted on each flashcard in the set to show their likeness in sound, which can help students with pronunciation skills. the site offers flashcards that can be printed, but there is little variety and the flashcard library is not as comprehensive on this site as it is on some others.

introducing new vocabulary the words on these flashcards should be in a simple font, large enough for students at the back of the classroom to see, and printed in an easy to read color. it is easiest when holding a set of flashcards to remove the front card and move it to the back as opposed to moving them back to front. at first, pronounce each word, have students repeat each word as a class, and prompt them for the translation. when the students get to this stage with a set of vocabulary, challenge them by flipping through the words at a faster pace. students play in groups of three to five. first have students spread the cards out (face up) on the desk in the middle of each group. the student who slaps the correct card first gets to keep it and the student with the most cards in each group wins the round.- go fish – cards can have printing on only one side and must be opaque.

put the remaining cards in a pile (face down) in the middle of the desk. students take turns asking other members of the group for cards trying to gather the necessary two or four cards of a particular word. the deck must have two of each card or perhaps have an image and a word for each vocabulary word. students should start by shuffling the cards and laying them out (face down) in a square or rectangular grid. reviewbefore tests and quizzes, challenge your students with lots of flashcards by combining all the sets they need to review. as long as flashcards are clear and simple, they can be invaluable in your teaching. and if you are interested in more, you should follow our facebook page where we share more about creative, non-boring ways to teach english.

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amazon.com: esl flashcards. vocabulary builder flash cards – 299 educational photo cards – emotions, go togethers, nouns, learning esl requires learning new vocabulary. use these free printable esl flashcards to learn english. flashcards can be an excellent learning and teaching tool especially when introducing new vocabulary or drilling familiar words. besides being used by the, learn english flashcards for adults, english flashcards online. how do you teach english flashcards? do flashcards help learn language? what is the use of flashcard in teaching? why should teachers use flashcards in language teaching?

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