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fitness consultation template is a fitness consultation sample that gives infomration on fitness consultation design and format. when designing fitness consultation example, it is important to consider fitness consultation template style, design, color and theme. new trainers have often asked me: “how do you know when to ask questions?” or, “what questions should you ask to get the information that you need?” this article aims to share some best-practices regarding asking the right questions during an initial consultation – and it can also help you if you just received your personal trainer certification and are unsure about your initial consultation with new clients. because this is an information-gathering session, it’s essential to master the art of listening and asking the right questions to set yourself and your client up for success during your time working together. this form will help you obtain the necessary information from your client before beginning their exercise program. this inquiry type opens up the floor for your client and allows them to share as much or as little information as they’d like.

fitness consultation overview

you will learn a surprising amount of information about your client from this simple dialogue about their motivations and goals. you might also consider monitoring some of the vital information that your client gave you about their exercise preferences. after a successful initial consultation, you should have the information you need to write their workouts and succeed in their program. she’s a master instructor and master trainer for nasm.

the consultation is an opportunity for a coach to get to know the client better and figure out their values and beliefs. a coach needs to extract enough information to truly understand the client and what they are seeking to gain from their fitness journey. the steps provided are taken directly from the professional coaching blueprint a great coaching resource which covers all aspects of the coaching profession. if your business plan is not attracting the right clients the consultation will struggle before it even begins. start the fitness consultation by gathering information on the client’s background and prior fitness experience. these two are equally important as they will determine the starting point of the program that the coach will design. a coach needs to work with a client to set clear and attainable goals as these will be the metrics for tracking progress in the relationship. in the world of fitness, trust is crucial. we only get one body in this lifetime and a client is trusting a coach with theirs.

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fitness consultation guide

a coach needs to re-consult monthly to make sure they are on the same page with the clients and working towards the same goals. this will also continuously build trust between the coach and client. that is why we have created the opex system of coaching. each pillar builds on the others and without each of the pillars, a coach is not a true professional. a coach must have a structure to lay the foundation for their fitness business. after successfully bringing in the right clients, a coach must meet with their clients regularly to understand who they are and establish goals for their program. a coach needs to conduct routine physical assessments to track progress and deliver the same experience to each client. with a strong understanding of the client (developed in the consultation), the coach will have the information needed to design a long-term program for each individual client. the nourishment plan will support the individually designed program.

it’s almost 9 a.m. you have a prospective client coming to the gym or your personal training studio for an initial consultation. fortunately, there are a few things you can do to nail the initial personal training consultation with a new client. when your prospective client walks through the door, say hello and take him or her to an open area where you can sit and visit. after spending a few minutes getting to know your client better, you can transition the conversation to talking about his or her health and fitness challenges and goals.

once you’ve had a chance to review the questionnaire with your client and ask follow-up questions, put your client through an assessment or mini-workout. (here’s another way to wow your client: give your client a fresh bottle of water and clean towel before you start the assessment.) ask a question like “have you made a decision about personal training yet?” or “what’s your next step to achieving your health and fitness goals?” if you want to nail the initial consultation with a new personal training client, there’s more to it than knowing how to design a strength training program or how to help someone lose weight. when it’s time to ask for the sale, your client will be ready for you to help him or her.