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so how are you supposed to know what your cross-training workout should be? to answer that question, you need to know a little more about the five health-related components of fitness: in a perfect world, your regular workout routine would target each of these five components of fitness equally. when planning your cross-training routine, you need to think honestly about where your weaknesses are and how you can choose a cross-training workout that helps counterbalance them. when you choose a cross-training activity that effectively strengthens any weaknesses you may have, you’re giving your body the balance it needs to support an active, injury-resistant lifestyle.

for example, if you start a workout program with the goal of running three miles at a 10-minute-per-mile pace, it’s probably going to feel pretty challenging at first, and it might take you a while to hit your goal. cross-training is a way to keep your body guessing. the more comfortable you are with a variety of workouts, and the more open you are to the benefits of cross-training, the more flexible you can be about your schedule and plans. the option that works best for you is completely reliant on how much time you have to dedicate to your workouts and what type of cross-training you’re hoping to do. if your primary workout is lower-impact, it’s a good idea to incorporate weight-bearing or higher-impact exercises into your cross-training routine.

cross-training is simply a training routine that involves several different types of exercise. while it is necessary for an athlete to train specifically for their sport if they want to excel, cross-training is a beneficial way to achieve and maintain a higher level of overall fitness. for example, you may use both biking and swimming each week to improve your overall aerobic capacity, build overall muscle strength, and reduce the chance of an overuse injury. cross-training is a great way to condition different muscle groups, develop a new set of skills, and reduce the boredom that creeps in after months of the same exercise routines. after months of the same movements, your body becomes extremely efficient at performing those movements, and while that is great for competition, it limits the amount of overall fitness you possess and reduces the actual conditioning you get while training; rather than continuing to improve, you simply maintain a certain level of fitness. the goal is to select exercises that require different movements than your preferred activity.

to customize your personal cross-training routine, select exercises from each group below. depending on how often you work out, aim to use this cross-train routine at least once or twice a week. pick one or more of the following to add strength training to your exercise routine: flexibility and balance are important for overall wellness at any age or level of physical fitness. regardless of the type of exercise you do, it is crucial to stretch after a workout to reduce pain and injury. with cross-training, you can do one form of exercise each day, or more than one in a day. you can easily tailor cross-training to your needs and interests; mix and match your sports and change your routine on a regular basis.

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cross training is typically defined as an exercise regimen that uses several modes of training to 14 cross-training activities to try that don’t require you going to the woman dancing at fitness club. good news for you: “as long as there’s good variation in your programming, this is one of the best general ways to,

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