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firefighter certificate template is a firefighter certificate sample that gives infomration on firefighter certificate design and format. when designing firefighter certificate example, it is important to consider firefighter certificate template style, design, color and theme. a lock icon ( ) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the official website. click the button below to open the settings. if you’d like to share your feedback on this specific feature and help us make the site more accessible, please fill out this short survey. click the button below to open the settings. the massachusetts fire training council (mftc) is the sole certifying agency for the certification and training of all levels of fire service personnel within the commonwealth. the massachusetts firefighting academy (mfa) is the operational arm of the council. it also administers the exams and documents all activities of certification candidates.

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the coalition is under the authority of the secretary of public safety and security. the coalition is developing a fire investigator credential for public safety personnel. firefighter certification stimulates professional development in the massachusetts fire service. the  mftc includes representatives of major massachusetts fire service organizations and citizens. we approve requests based on the availability of facilities, funding and personnel. we use the notification lists to schedule exams at one of our three campuses, based on student needs. log into your lms account to apply. if you need assistance, please contact the department of fire services.

the second daytime academy is held during the summer semester and typically begins the third week of may and ends in july. the third daytime academy is held during the fall semester and typically begins the fourth week of august and ends in mid-december. the summer fire academy is designed for students that have earned their emt certification or would like to earn their firefighter certifications during the summer and then return in a later semester for emt. the certificate program is the 21-credit hour fire academy and emt certificate. due to the length of the degree program it is eligible for financial aid.

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students that enroll in the emt program will qualify to sit for nremt certification upon successful completion of the emsp coursework. students may use structural firefighter gear from their fire department provided it is nfpa compliant and the student provides written authorization from their fire chief to use that gear during training at osu-okc. osu-okc is not liable for any damages that occur during firefighter training. cost is $15.00 to prepare for fire and emt courses the student should complete the following online courses and submit the completion certificate to the class canvas page on the first day of class. if the student has previously completed this coursework, they can upload their previous completion certificate and will not need to complete the coursework again. firefighter training is arduous, and the student needs to be assured that they can meet the physical fitness requirements needed to complete the osu-okc firefighter training program.