firearms training

the nra is recognized nationally as the gold standard for safe firearm training, developing millions of safe, ethical, responsible shooters and instructors. from marksmanship and shooting techniques to firearm safety, be the best shooter you can be by enrolling in an nra firearm training course. nra certified instructors provide an invaluable service in their communities by training hundreds of thousands of individuals annually.

the nra coach education program continuously strives to provide outstanding coach education and athlete training to develop competitors at the club, high school, collegiate and national levels. at the nra, firearm education and safety is paramount—that’s why we offer a variety of programs and services to promote the safe handling, use and storage of firearms. the nra education & training department provides a variety of programs to develop safe, ethical and responsible shooters and instructors. this may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.

after your first firearm training course at front sight you will leave with skills that surpass 99% of the gun-owning population! once you’ve completed your first front sight course you’ll discover that you’ve become the self defense training expert among your peers and you will know you are better prepared than 99% of all gun owners in america. welcome to front sight firearms training resort, the world’s premier and largest resort dedicated exclusively to providing you and your family with specialized courses in self-defense martial arts training and personal safety—with firearms or without. that is no exaggeration and you will have a fun, safe, adventurous travel experience in the process!

whether you just purchased your first firearm and need basic gun training, or have handled firearms for years and want to train up to the master level, front sight has the curriculum, facilities and instructors to bring out the most, and best, in you. sex offenders are out of control and growing in numbers. it is not a question of if you and your family will come in contact with a violent criminal, but rather when. more than ever before, you and your family need to learn the skills to safely protect yourselves and others. to help you achieve this, front sight resort has created the world’s greatest facility and provides you with the world’s finest training in self defense and personal safety.

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rifle learn to shoot nra first steps rifle orientation nra basic rifle shooting course nra basic metallic welcome to the firearms training associates website! whether you are in the military, law enforcement, or are a private the main purpose of basic handgun training is to teach safe handling and accident prevention. yet, studies find that,

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