figurative language lesson plan

2. ask students if any of them know what their comparison is called (simile or metaphor depending on format) from previous instruction. 3. explain to students the difference between similes and metaphors and that those are two types of figurative language they will be learning about. post your comparison on the class stormboard. 1. teacher will pull up the nearpod presentation. link: .com/vsph/zk5nxalmyh 2. guide students to get logged into the computers and provide them with the nearpod code.

give students time to complete the quizzes at the stopping points. 1. students will pull up the scavenger hunt on their own device (ipad, iphone, tablet). 1. instruct students to draw one picture for each type of figurative language discussed on the interactive whiteboard. note: this can be done on paper if the technology is not available or if it is too hard for students to complete the drawing on a laptop. 3. this can be done as a homework assignment and their final poem will be posted on a padlet page that is available for each student to access. families, educators, and policymakers turn to common sense for unbiased information and trusted advice to help them learn how to harness the positive power of media and technology for all kids.

text, music, media, film, poetry,cultural idioms) and demonstrate  their understanding of the unit’s figurative language (e.g. (during reading activity) teacher is modeling how to navigate the web site via an enlarged cursor and the smartboard. that will take you to the exact spot in the video where the question is at. modeling) – teacher will begin the guided questions (on the link): by reading aloud and encouraging active participation/collaboration from the students in answering each question.

(5:00) -if a there is a question that they are unsure of ( as we are going over it together) the teacher will direct the student to go ahead and click the help link that allows them to view again the portion of the video which the question is based  upon. -explain that you understand that they will not be able to finish this today and that we will be completing the literacy trip in tomorrow’s class. “as you are reading these poems you will be looking for what type of figurative language it is by using the strategy i modeled for you.” – during this time teacher will walk around the room monitoring, assessing and guiding the students toward any answers to questions they may have. -direct the students to share with their group the answers they wrote down for the inference question. teacher will inform the students that their only homework is to review the rubrics and handouts you gave them so that they can come prepared to tell you their choice for the unit project tomorrow.

1. identify the meaning of simile, metaphor, idiom, personification, and hyperbole 2. identify different types of figurative language within poems 3. create understanding figurative language. a complete lesson plan complete with virtual literacy tour,formative & sumative assessments. laura d. classroom teacher. explain the difference between figurative and literal language; identify and categorize examples of figurative language from poetry and prose; create original, .

lesson plan: figurative language. subject: ela- reading. grade: 5. lesson objective: to understand what figurative language is and identify it in a text. browse figurative language lesson plans. award winning educational materials designed to help kids succeed. start for free now! teaching figurative language is as easy as pie with this lesson. give students a chance to explore different kinds of figurative language as they develop, . how do you introduce a figurative language? how do you teach figurative language in a fun way? what is figurative language lesson? what are the objectives of figurative language?

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