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and this farm sensory bin is an easy set-up for anytime!but i do like to teach a farm theme best in the fall, which is why i had to create a set of farm preschool lesson plans this week. these farm themed activities are perfect for homeschool preschool or for the classroom. corn cob counting –  start by printing this corn counting sheet and invite your preschooler to roll two dice, count the dots, and find the matching number on the corn cob. using red buttons or objects, encourage your preschooler to sing the song and lay out the correct number of apples for farmer brown.

farm animal feelings – go to youtube and listen to the story “the grumpy morning” by darcia lebrosse. in this story, the animals are hungry and grumpy waiting for their food to arrive. playdough farm – invite your preschooler to create a farm scene with playdough. head to youtube and go on a field trip to the little farm and watch as preschoolers feed and care for all the farm animals. i’ve taught a range of levels, from preschool to college and a little bit of everything in between.

introduce students to different varieties of tomatoes, how they grow, and how they taste. introduce students to pumpkins and how they grow. introduce students to potatoes and how they grow. teach students about measurement and guide them practicing close observation through potato explorations. introduce letter writing, specifically thank you letters, and guide students in writing thank you letters to farmers in your county or region.

introduce students to the systems farmers use to sell the vegetables and fruits they grow. students become familiar with “my plate,” the u.s. department of agriculture’s nutrition program and teaching tool. guide students in using scientific inquiry to observe and learn about several varieties of lettuce. create a line plot to record the results of a class tasting and interpret the data collected on the line plot. receive lesson plans, teaching resources, and more, delivered to your inbox each month. together, we provide farm to school experiences to thousands of children!

below you can find tons of fun and engaging preschool farm activities! pick and choose the activities for your lesson or download a free copy of our farm in this unit, your students will learn about farms, farm animals, where food comes from, the food groups, and how to make healthy food choices. the unit ends by this lesson plan is suitable for lessons teaching farm animals to kids. the below lesson plan is complete with all the games, activities, and resources you need, .

16+ farm theme activities to add to your farm theme preschool activities. low-prep lesson plans for homeschool preschool and classroom. review activities that happen on the farm and animals that live there. make the connection between farms and the food we eat each day, emphasizing the over the years, growing minds has developed farm to school activities that incorporate state and national curriculum. teachers are currently using these plans, . how do you teach kids about farm animals? what are the 5 parts of lesson plan? what are the farm activities? how do you introduce farm animals to preschoolers?

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