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fake cpr card template is a fake cpr card sample that gives infomration on fake cpr card design and format. when designing fake cpr card example, it is important to consider fake cpr card template style, design, color and theme. we live in a day and age when fake cpr certification cards are a thing. they will make promises that they will give you your money back if your employer doesn’t take your certification but in reality, it’s a hassle to meet their requirements for a refund and not worth getting the nominal amount back. (there is an exception for non-english speaking aha heartsaver courses only) if you received a printed card or a laminated card in the mail from your cpr course then you can be certain it was not a legitimate aha course. in 2018, when the american heart association switched to ecards only they added a verifiable qr code to every certification.

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if you are certified and are not sure where to find your certification read ‘am i cpr certified? your best option is to let your employer know your certification has lapsed and get in an aha class as soon as possible. if you are looking to find a cpr course near you, you can search the class eagle health and safety directory to find an instructor near you. if you take a course with an aha instructor that gives out a fake certification card, you can report this to the american heart association. if you are not in our training area, you can get matched with an american heart association instructor through the class eagle health and safety instructor directory.