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as an executive, you know the value of an employee who is committed to self-improvement. online education offers you the opportunity to do just that—at a pace that works with your schedule. topics include key ted techniques (such as narration, revelation and persuasion), the effective use of visuals, and postmortems on some less-than-effective lectures for lessons on what to avoid. the course description emphasizes that it is “not … for people who seek shortcuts, guaranteed results and an easy path.” leaders need to know how to work with people who have different backgrounds and points of view.

this course details the steps required to deal head-on with conflict—including instances where some level of disagreement can be a positive for a team. if your role involves improving the performance of co-workers, you’ll find much to chew on here. the second half of the course is about how to create and sell a business case, including writing tips and design principles. the lessons from instructor greg henriques, founder of wegrow coaching, emphasize the need to create and maintain credibility and trust with team members, and a situational approach rather than a one-size-fits-all model. if you’re ready for a deep dive into some headier material, this course uses the tenets of cybernetics, “the science of communication and control,” as a means to improve decision-making and keep information flowing smoothly in an organization.

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