esl lesson plan examples

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while this may be necessary at times, the more comfortable you get in the classroom, the less of a structured plan you’ll need to follow. go with the flow as you’ll likely be dealing with differing cultural concepts of time and a language barrier to boot. this is a guided section of the class, one in which the role of the teacher is to give examples and monitor student responses. leave some notes at the end of your lesson plan document to jot down what went well, and what could be improved. one of the best parts about making a basic lesson plan is once you have a stock of them, they can be reused in the future.

students will more than likely be timid, especially at the beginning, and the purpose of the class is to get them talking, not for you to talk the entire time. begin by deciding what content you want to cover and what your objectives are for the lesson – this will depend a lot on your class’s level and it might depend on an esl textbook that the school has provided for you or that you have brought yourself. finally, you should always have a “contingency plan” to fill up any space that might exist at the end of the class. esl/efl books abound in activities and games and they can save you a lot of time and energy in thinking of ways to pass the hours. collect the cards, and allow the students to mingle around the room until they find their match.

they were all together at the time of the crime, and need to submit an alibi. explain to the students that they will be questioned separately and that the questions will be very specific (“where in the movie theater were you sitting?”) so that they can adequately prepare. the added difficulty to this game is that they have to find pairs in logical order of a sentence. in this example, the first pair picked to get a point will have to be “the school” or “the girls.” the next pair picked will have to be the verb that agrees with the noun ( “the girls grades,” isn’t correct) and so on until all of the sentences are made. students can work in pairs or small groups, share the resulting stories with each other, and later share them all (or the group’s funniest) with the class. the first person in each team runs to you, you hand the student the first card in his or her team’s stack and the student writes an appropriate word on the board.

our lesson plans are free! sign up for accompanying: ✓ worksheets; ✓ homework sheets; ✓ craft sheets; ✓ flashcards; ✓ song downloads; ✓ classroom readers. first time creating esl lesson plans for your students? use this how-to guide and start planning an esl lesson that will be successful in your classroom! sample esl lesson plan format. performance objective: by the end of the lesson, student will be able to make statements using present continuous., .

sample esl lesson plan format submitted by: dearborn adult ed. performance objective: by the end of the lesson students will be able to make statements this basic english lesson plan will help get you started whether you, the teacher, will be instructing in a classroom, in a home setting, or in another typ. become a better esl teacher. lesson plans and activity ideas for english teachers living and working abroad. sample plan i (one hour):., . how do you write a lesson plan for esl? what should be included in esl lesson plan? where can i find esl lesson plans? how do i teach esl lessons?

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