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on the other hand, it can be very exciting to see student learning in new and different ways, you can take pride in the growth you experience while learning new instructional strategies, and you will make connections that sometimes can be even more meaningful because you have the opportunity for one-on-one interactions. for example, you may want to have a calendar with assignments, announcements, discussion board, and a chat room. another strategy is to create videos that students can watch at their convenience and review multiple times for practice. it is important to keep a sense of fun and personalization in the online environment. 4. students can interview someone in their family that is important to them and create a presentation to share. a variation of this is for students to each get a different topic related to the unit (after learning about it from the teacher) and have them create a group presentation on that topic to share with the class.

“i observed that erosion happened when i poured a lot of water on the dirt.”   for your experiment you will put dirt in a small tub and put the tub at an angle or slope. next time i will think of alternatives to certain materials since not all students had dirt for the experiment. a clear rubric for content and language production is helpful to guide the students’ work. keep a grade book online so students know what is due, what grades they received (if grades are being used) and the feedback for assignments. here are some ideas on how to collaborate on behalf of els at a distance, which can be used among individuals or larger groups. i think it’s important to remember during this time that there really isn’t a ‘silly question’ and you aren’t ‘bothering’ someone with an email. colorín colorado is a national multimedia project that offers a wealth of bilingual, research-based information, activities, and advice for educators and families of english language learners (ells).

the country (and the world) has been thrown a curveball with the requirement to implement distance learning for our students. you are also invited to join a free webinar on how to help your esl beginners during this distance learning period. distance learning and teaching is not something most of us are familiar with. the way we are dealing with this situation is already a teachable moment for our english learners. let’s take inventory of our own expertise and our students’ abilities and work with that.

it could be a chance for more personal connection rather than just the curriculum. this is our moment to build that. and there is no need to create even more chaos for yourself. in addition, a good friend of mine, who has a youtube channel for english learner teachers, shared other resources you could use in distance learning and teaching. distance learning, remote teaching, online education – whatever you call it – has left us all reeling with questions and uncertainty but also with opportunities.

online activities for ells 1. students can upload videos of themselves reading their favorite books. 2. students can write and draw responses 80 000+ english esl worksheets, english esl activities and video lessons for distance learning, home learning and printables for physical classrooms. how to help english learners in distance learning? in this blog post, you will find 5 steps on how to get support your esl students both online and off., esl worksheets for beginners, esl worksheets for beginners, fun activities for online english classes, islcollective, esl zoom activities.

remote learning tools (scoring without being boring) use readtheory’s knowledge points to create a reading challenge. kahoot! video diaries can also be fun. 9 digital lesson ideas for esl teachers. bookwidgets has become one of my best friends when it comes to making distance education effective updated distance learning plan for my newcomer/intermediate ell class. i’ve shared a few of my ideas of what i’m doing during my daily, esl games for beginners, speaking activities for online classes pdf. how do i make an online esl class fun? how do i teach esl virtually? what are some fun ways to teach esl? how do i engage esl students online? 12 low-prep esl games for teaching onlinefind somethingu2026hidden objects.objects pictionary.missing object.odd one out.tell me 5.word chain.

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