epic training modules

epiccare ambulatory is one of the main and largest components of the epic system. epic bridges is the module for installing, configuring and maintaining interfaces to systems outside of epic. cadence is the epic scheduling module for outpatient and specialty clinics. much of the data that is stored in the chronicles database gets copied over to clarity, which is a relational database that allows analysts to create more detailed and complex reports. epic hyperspace is not a clinical module in itself, but rather the actual application client that is presented to users of most areas of epic.

epic haiku is an app for android and apple that allows doctors to access a limited version of epiccare ambulatory. mychart is the web-based system that allows patients to manage their medical care in many ways. where mychart is focused mainly on the outpatient and specialty parts of the patient record, mychart bedside is intended for use while a patient is admitted to the hospital. epic radiant is the radiology module for epic. it is not intended to take the place of epic hyperspace, the standard client for accessing clinical functions. the inpatient side is implemented in a hospital pharmacy, and ambulatory willow is for outpatient and retail pharmacies.

o learn the fundamentals of pre and post-operative documentation in the epic anesthesia module. the course is split into epic training course catalog for end users, 2020 about epic training . a: e -learning lessons are online learning modules that contain some level of interactivity, audio, and. asap is the epic module that deals with managing er visits. it has a component that tracks which rooms , free epic training modules, free epic training modules, epic training manual pdf, epic hyperspace training manual 2019, epic charting training for nurses.

start studying epic modules. cadence is the epic scheduling module for outpatient and specialty clinics. a replica of the epic training environment (with the same patient and user information used we provide dedicated modules for the following: anesthesia. behavioral health. cardiology (cupid). dental (wisdom). epic at johns hopkins medicine epiccare ambulatory/inpatient: clinical documentation module, order entry and e-prescribing login to patient communications toolkit login to epic training portal , epic modules, epic training center, epic charting cheat sheet, epic behavioral health module

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