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if you are a renovation firm, then we recommend you read through all of the subjects below to learn how to fulfill your legal requirements to protect yourself, your employees and your clients from the dangers of lead exposure. this section provides information about firm certification, where epa is responsible for the renovation program, as well as how to apply and what fees are required. therefore, if you do work in an area other than the states or the tribe listed in the paragraph below, apply for epa firm certification. these states are authorized to administer their own rrp programs in lieu of the federal program. firm certification is a key requirement to ensure the training of individuals and the use of lead-safe work practices. to apply, a firm must submit a completed application and fee to epa online. a firm must amend its certification within 90 days of a change to information included in its most recent application.

if a firm fails to amend its certification within 90 days of the date the change occurs, then it will not be authorized to perform renovations until its certification has been amended. epa will issue the firm a new certificate if necessary to reflect information included in the amendment. if the firm is sold, the new owner must submit a new initial application for certification. firms who request a refund more than 10 days after the agency receives the application will receive only a partial refund. firms must notify the agency in writing in order to qualify for a refund. epa will not refund fees after granting a firm certification or re-certification. refund and withdrawal requests must be sent to the following address:

lead renovator rrp certification is required for any and all renovation activities that disturb more than 6 square feet of interior or 20 square feet of exterior paint in residential or child-occupied facilities built before 1978. professionals who do not comply are at risk to be fined by the epa or state authority, as these properties may contain harmful lead-based paint. these epa rules took effect on april 22, 2010. not sure if your work falls under the rrp rule or if it classifies as lead abatement? the epa lead certification and licensing requirement went into effect on april 22, 2010 and you want to be sure that you’re lead safety certified. zack academy is an accredited epa training provider and works with the largest network of accredited trainers in the us to offer the epa lead certification, conducting initial and refresher training to comply with the lead renovation repair and painting program, certifying renovators to perform lead-safe work. even basic renovation or repair work being performed by contractors including plumbers, electricians, and window replacement specialists can lead to invisible, harmful dust from disturbing lead paint.

for epa lead certification, companies must register and pay a fee with epa, and individuals must take a one-day lead safety training course approved by the epa to become a certified renovator. the lead based paint renovation repair and painting program (rrp) involves pre-renovation and work practice requirements in addition to the firm and individual certification. the required epa pamphlet is titled lead safe certified guide to renovate right, and the epa mandates that the renovation contractor or worker must keep record of the tenant or owner’s receipt of the pamphlet. these lead safe steps must be verified by an individual who has received the epa individual renovator certification. for any questions at all on these new epa requirements or to determine if these epa-approved courses are right for you, please call us in the office at 646-564-3546 and we will be glad to help!

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