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the national environmental education foundation (neef) is a non-profit organization chartered by congress to build effective public-private partnerships and develop programs that advance environmental education and engagement in the us. plt, a program of the american forest foundation, is a multi-disciplinary environmental education program for educators and students in prek-grade 12. project wild is a wildlife focused conservation and environmental education program for k-12 educators and their students. they then use google earth to explore future world scenarios by examining the effects of a 2-meter rise in sea level on the existing landscape. in this activity, students will investigate the amount of electricity that they use in their home, design a plan to reduce their consumption, and investigate the links between electricity use and its effects on the environment.

the application then compares the fuel mix and air emission rates of the electricity in that region to the national average. the investigations in this curriculum begin with an examination of the spatial and environmental aspects of a shopping mall in huntsville, alabama. in the globe program, students make environmental observations and report their data findings on the internet. learners form their own opinions and decide on best practice solutions to land use problems and explore some of the options that landowners have today as a result of changing practices.

project learning tree, project wet, and project wild have updated our easy-reference resource that lists activities from each of our programs to help teach about climate science and the impacts of climate change. use our teaching about climate change: water, trees and wildlife pdf to help plan a lesson series that fits your setting and audience about the impacts of climate change on water, forests and biodiversity. below are some examples of the many resources we’ve curated for activities found in the new explore your environment: k-8 activity guide. learn about the communities in which these professionals live and work, how society benefits from the work they do, and the various education and career pathways that led them to their unique green jobs.

find and use existing story maps in your teaching and learn how to design and create your own story maps to teach content. resource for explore your environment activities: trees for many reasons (grades 3-5, variations grades 6-8), global goods (grades 6-8) and invasive species (grades 6-8) one of the best ways to understand data is to visualize it. resource for explore your environment activities: the global climate (grades 6-8) and exploration energy! resource for explore your environment activities: birds and bugs (grades k-2, variation grades 3-5), get outside! resource for explore your environment activities: birds and bugs (grades k-2, variation grades 3-5), discover diversity (grades 3-5, variation grades k-2) and field, forest, and stream (grades 6-8, variation grades 3-5) looking for more resources to support your teaching and plt’s lessons?

free, downloadable environmental education toolkits, activity guides, infographics, and online activities for k-12 students. a collection of 700+ free, ready-to-use learning resources rigorously reviewed by educators and scientists suitable for secondary through higher education these resources were developed in partnership between the u.s. epa, the lloyd center for the environment, the new bedford public schools’, environmental education websites, environmental education websites, environmental education ngo, environmental education kits, environmental education agencies.

these environmental education resources include videos, educational apps and other interactive online tools, books and posters, teacher-generated materials, the environmental education program development: guidelines for excellence were first published in 2004 and have been updated about every five years since then. our education program engages hundreds of thousands of teachers, students and partners to educate and inspire the next generation of environmental leaders., environmental education activities, environmental education ideas. what resources are available to stimulate the environmental awareness and education? what are the 5 components of environmental education? what is the meaning of environmental resources? what are the examples of environmental education? top 9 resources for environmental education lessonskab.org. epa.gov. nwf.org. eelink.net. kid-at-art.com. earth911.com. conservatree.org. neefusa.org.

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