employment law courses for hr professionals

the course is affordable and available in various formats through hundreds of partner colleges and universities. students may choose to take the online course or independent study route and work at their own pace from their home or office. graduates of this course will not only receive a certificate of completion from the college or university of their choice, but will also gain an edge in the job market of their current and future career path. you represent that you are either (a) a student currently enrolled in a cls course or (b) an agent of the current student enrolled in a cls course. if the course enrollment is financed through any third party, the student is required as a condition of this agreement to agree to the following: this online westlaw access is for use by students currently enrolled in center for legal studies courses and this access will expire at the end of the time listed below, regardless of the student’s completion status.

the westlaw subscription is also limited to 60 hours per month and 600,000 downloads within the time that the subscription is valid. live course format student’s access will expire on the first business day after the last day of class, regardless of when westlaw is purchased. online course format student’s access will expire on the seventh saturday of the session for paralegal 2, regardless of when westlaw is purchased. online course format student’s access will expire on the seventh saturday of the online session. if the student drops the course at any time prior to the course end date, the westlaw access will expire the same day that the student drops the course and the $89 will not be refunded. westlaw access is non-refundable once the student has been sent the westlaw access information.

each employment law course is customized to include the most up-to-date information and relate to the legal regulations and industry compliance standards that apply to your organization. human resource managers, specialists and generalists, and anyone who has the responsibility of ensuring employment law compliance within an organization. you may also email us at this email address is being protected from spambots. window.addeventlistener( “load”, function(){// execute this script when the window loads. var source = get(‘content’).innerhtml;// forward to the login page if necessary.

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then learn about human resources laws with our employment law training courses for managers, supervisors, this certificate program is designed to help current and aspiring human resource managers and staff understand employment laws and regulations in order to deal effectively with labor-related legal issues in the workplace. employment laws can be complex and fluid. shrm educational programs how employers leapt the legal hurdles of 2020 news, trends and analysis, as well as breaking news alerts, to help hr professionals do their jobs better, .

employment law certificate course. our employment law certificate course is a distance learning or independent study join other human resources professionals for the hr law seminar. this course is now available as a live, instructor-led virtual seminar. session 1: major equal employment laws. title vii of the employment law for hr professionals training get updated on state & federal employment laws…hr best,

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