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employee training records template is a employee training records sample that gives infomration on employee training records design and format. when designing employee training records example, it is important to consider employee training records template style, design, color and theme. while the format of training records varies, all training documentation needs to be kept up to date and should be revised following each training session. the first place to look for guidelines on training records is in government agency regulatory requirements. regardless of whether the records are electronic or paper, the record format should make it easy to retrieve information both on all employees who received training on a topic and all of the topics on which an employee has been trained. trainers can use a combination of approaches to compile records of how effective the training is. trainers should decide ahead of time whether or not trainees should be able to look through their notes and handouts when they take the test.

employee training records overview

corrected tests should be returned to the employees, but trainers should retain photocopies as training records. on the flip-side, if a trainer sees an employee performing a certain task but does not remember seeing the worker in a qualifying training session, a quick check of training records will show if the employee should be allowed to do the job. management may ask to review training records as part of the disciplinary action process. trainers should review these records to ensure that instruction manuals are available and that employees have received training in how to properly use, inspect, and maintain the equipment. reviewing these records can give the trainer valuable insight on the concerns of employees and management, which can lead to ideas for training programs. to get the most out of training records, or any records, they should be up-to-date, organized for easy retrieval, and shared as needed.

with this comes the need to maintain proper training records. most of the times it may even require a training record management system. “as long as the employees know they’ve completed the training, why do we need to keep all that paperwork?” i hear you saying. for most companies, the need to retain training documents exists on 2 levels. employers who comply with this legislation are responsible for the location, storage, and maintenance of these records. even if a training record is not needed for compliance, it is beneficial for any organization to keep track of which employees have received which training. the simplest way i can put this is that your life will be easier if you commit to keeping training records.

employee training records format

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because the question that may arise is how to maintain training records in the workplace. the rules may be onerous, but they are there to protect you and your employees. the need to move away from paper-based filing for all types of documents is by no means a new idea, but applying it to training records can be. the system should be user-friendly and available to those who need this information quickly. this way, your employees are notified that new training is required and can be scheduled for a specific date. so to the question on how to maintain training records in the workplace, you have your answer now. don’t think this has to be a complicated issue.