employee training dashboard template

employee training dashboard template is a employee training dashboard sample that gives infomration on employee training dashboard design and format. when designing employee training dashboard example, it is important to consider employee training dashboard template style, design, color and theme. ai analytics refers to the use of machine learning to automate processes, analyze data, derive insights, and make predictions or recommendations. modern, interactive dashboards leverage an hr analytics platform which makes it easy to combine data from all systems and to deeply explore this data directly within the dashboard. sophisticated people analytics make it simple for you to create your own custom dashboards like the ones below and for other popular metrics not shown here, such as recruiting or safety and health. click through each example to explore the full capabilities of a modern hr dashboard. to analyze compensation vs. performance this example shows the number of active employees by rating level and salary by employee rating. this hr dashboard example shows an hr leader training program metrics such as completion percentage, hours and cost.

employee training dashboard format

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this hr dashboard template allows them to deeply analyze data on age, gender, location, department and ethnic groups. following on the previous example, hr professionals can use an interactive dashboard to dig deeper in the data, and analyze one variable. here are key capabilities to keep in mind as you find the right hr dashboard tool for you: all data sources. one of the top 10 bi and data trends this year, modern dashboards are now highly contextualized with ai and alerting. set up your hr dashboard to be automatically shared with key stakeholders on a regular basis and to send you alerts based on kpis. dig into your dashboards with full interactive cloud analytics functionality and touch screen optimization from any device. an interactive hr dashboard that’s part of a modern people analytics platform will let you spend less time preparing data and more time identifying ways to better manage staffing, development, compensation, safety and health, and employee and labor relations.