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do you need to create elementary music lesson plans with free activities and ideas that will work for your classroom or distance learning? teachers who are allowed to use their classrooms may not be able to share supplies such as rhythm instruments or mallets. if you are a 1:1 school, you will want to do a few online activities. you should prep students and teach them how to use music literacy boom cards, music composition drag & drop blocks, and other online music activities just in case your school is forced to close down again. you can read this book with your students to kick off an entire unit using only recycled rhythm instruments. i actually created a video lesson with a 4-part play along using recycled instruments for the song bow wow wow. ask the classroom teachers to please find a place for each student to keep their own instrument so that no one else touches it. below are nine different activities you can do in your recycled rhythm unit. the teacher could “say and play” (say the rhythm syllables while playing the pattern), students echo.

once students are proficient, let them be the leaders. this post also includes links to seasonal rhythm pattern flashcards which makes the activity even more fun. using the theme from the book or any other chosen theme guide students to create simple rhythm patterns. create different sections for your rhythm piece and try them out in different forms – aba, aabb, abc, or my favorite rondo form – abaca. this is a genre that many of your students may not be familiar with. in-person performances are probably not going to be possible this year. these videos may also be shared with extended family members who may not have been able to see each other for some time. treat every day as if it might be the last in the classroom for a while. you can create meaningful elementary music lesson plans for your classroom or a distance learning situation using just a storybook and recycled rhythm instruments. it doesn’t have to cost anything!

establish expectations – from the moment students walk in to the moment they leave, the first lesson sets the tone for the rest of the school year. i want students to experience that fun on the first day. i want that learning to start the first day. students sing their response to me. in the first month or so of school my students have assigned seats. i ask students to give some examples of  how to apply the rules to the classroom.

in second and third grade i want to jump into instruments on the first day. this is a concept i’ll reuse throughout the year, so i like to introduce it right away. twinkle twinkle little stari like to add a song that students probably already know to the first day. this time, i ask students to create a body percussion pattern as a b section to the game. with a nod to the responsive classroom, i ask my students to think of how they are going to be able to do the things they’re excited about. at the end of class i quickly ask students what they hope to do in music this year, and what we need to do to make those exciting things happen.

incorporate music into your curriculum, with these printables. you’ll find plenty of activities to keep your students interested and engaged while they sing classical music. check out the lesson plans for elementary music and a quick guide of lesson planning below. tired of searching for songs to use in your browse lesson plans that teach basic rhythms with hands-on music making activities and games. battle of the bands | music lesson plan – reading music/rhythms, music lesson plans primary school, music lesson plans primary school, free music lesson plans, music lesson plan example, 5th grade music lesson plans pdf.

the following lesson plans are examples from other music educators of practical, effective, and fun activities for grades k-5 to help you free elementary music lesson plans 1-3 from unit 1 that will help you start the new year off right! curriculum planning based on the elementary music lesson plans for classroom or distance learning 1. decorate/create their instruments. 2. experiment with sounds. 3. create, lesson plans for music teachers, teaching rhythm in music lesson plans, music lesson plans for kindergarten, music lesson plan for grade 2. how do you teach elementary music? what should be included in a music lesson plan? what do you do on the first day of elementary music class? what are two ideas you have for lessons you will use to teach music an elementary classroom?

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