ecu freshman checklist

please note – the online portion of new student orientation is required for incoming ecu students enrolling for the fall 2021 semester. coad 1000 is a 1 credit hour course that will aid in your transition to ecu. the class will cover campus resources, how to study in college, time management, the importance of getting involved, career exploration pieces, and more! you can find a class and register yourself by searching under “counselor education” in self-service banner. check your ecu email for your unique link to the survey. be sure to complete the survey by july 1. submit your final official transcripts.

if you attended a community college or earned college credits during high school, please arrange for that school to send an official transcript to the undergraduate admissions office. attend the ecu lives sessions join us to learn more about ecu campus resources, involvement opportunities, and to get your questions answered! submit information to ecu student health services proof of immunizations are a state law requirement and must be submitted. students must also complete the online report of medical history form by logging into their online student health account at students who are already covered by existing health plans can easily waive out of the student health insurance plan (ship). visit the website for more information. make sure any ap exam scores have been sent to ecu.

oklahoma state law requires all students who attend oklahoma colleges to provide proof of immunization for certain diseases. shots/immunization records can be sent to student health services. curricular remediation: students with curricular deficiencies who fail to demonstrate adequate curricular competence will be required to complete developmental courses as described below: note: any student who has attempted six hours or less of previous college credit, (excluding 0-level coursework or college credit prior to high school graduation) is considered a beginning freshman and the same eligibility requirements apply. further questions concerning beginning freshman admissions can be answered by contacting the office of admissions at 580-559-5236. all tours will start at 10:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. and will leave from the sterling l. williams foundation & alumni center in the welcome area.

submit your final official transcripts complete student health services checklist items verify social security number arrange payment of tuition and fees. freshmen checklist ; 1. register for virtual orientation pirateport ; 2. review pier and begin course registration pier website ; 3. register for a coad 1000 requirements for admission to ecu are below. to apply, fill out the application, find out more about how to become a freshman student at ecu., ecu checklist, ecu checklist, ecu freshman requirements, navigator ecu, where to send transcripts to ecu.

providing prospective students and their families helpful information as they navigate the application, decision, & enrollment process at ecu. admission to emily carr requires the submission of a portfolio as well as meeting our academic requirements. find instructions on how to create a portfolio we at oneclass know how stressful it is for ecu freshman during move-in day, what you need and we have created a checklist just for you!, ecu college checklist, ecu application, ecu scholarships, ecu portal. what do you need to get into ecu? how hard is it to get into ecu? what gpa is required for ecu? how long does it take for ecu to accept you?

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