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ancient world magazine: articles & archaeological museums  (m, o, t)ancient world magazine covers a range of archeological topics from the ancient world, written by archaeologists and ancient historians. time maps: ancient history encyclopedia and atlas  (m, o, t)browse the timemaps history encyclopedia by topic, date, or region of the world. the timemaps atlas has thousands of interactive maps and timelines you can search by region or country. history resource collection has lots of fun, interactive resources for younger students. exploring ancient civilizations with interactive resources  (y, m, o, t)this resource roundup from the texas computer education association has tons of links to interesting interactive websites, maps, timelines, and more for learning about ancient civilizations.

geacron interactive world history map  (y, m, o, t)use the geacron interactive history map to browse civilization boundaries and locations around the world during various points in time. google arts & culture: ancient cultures  (m, o, t)google arts & culture sites are are collaboration of various museums, universities, and other cultural institutions. some of the voyages you can find are on ancient civilizations, lost civilizations, maya ruins, the vijayanagar kingdom, and more. (y)students study the early civilizations that developed into empires in central and south america. mrs. donn’s egyptian pyramids, tombs, temples, and structures  (y)lesson plans for ancient egypt pyramids, tombs, temples, structures mr. donn’s: in the tombs of egypt  (y,m,o,t)mr donn’s lesson plans and activities about egyptian tombs for kids & teachers bmag for kids  (y)from the birmingham museum, an online time line of activities for kids. ancient greek olympics mini unit study  (y,m,o,t)mr donn’s lesson plans and activities about the original olympics for kids & teachers.

make teaching about ancient civilizations exciting and relevant to today’s middle school students with these engaging free resources from junior scholastic magazine. try print and digital resources from junior scholastic, the social studies magazine for grades 6–8, for free in your classroom! “she was young and bold, but could she save her once-mighty empire?” that’s the theme of our read-aloud play, “egypt’s last queen.” your class will love the juicy roles and dramatic dialogue as they reenact one of the most important stories from ancient history. ask your students to name the richest person who ever lived and you’ll probably hear the names of current athletes, entertainers, and business founders. you’re sure to surprise and amaze them when you introduce mansa musa as the wealthiest person of all time. along with the story, you’ll receive a lesson plan, map activity, vocabulary worksheet, quiz, a lower-level version, and more.

“jungle of secrets” tells the story of how archeologists recently used lasers, a high-tech plane, and 3d maps to uncover new revelations about this american indian people. with our original video, “the history of the maya,” you’ll transport your class to the site of this rich civilization. with our lesson plan, activity on citing text evidence, and more, you’ll turn students’ fascination into learning progress! one of the most historically significant is the eruption of mount vesuvius, which destroyed—and then preserved the ruins of—the roman city of pompeii in 79 a.d. it’s still “the most dangerous volcano in the world,” a scientist tells junior scholastic. rounding out our exploration of pompeii are a lesson plan, knowledge-building video, map activity, “know the news” worksheet, an activity about analyzing a primary source, and more. plus, junior scholastic digital gives you unlimited access to multiple reading levels, knowledge-building videos, and more, all with google classroom integration.

national geographic has a large collection of lesson plans, activities, articles, maps, and other resources for learning about ancient civilizations. junior scholastic, the social studies magazine for grades 6-8, features exciting lessons on ancient civilizations, pompeii, and cleopatra. this complete ancient civilizations activities mega bundle contains 70 resources for your early humans + prehistory, mesopotamia, ancient, early civilizations activity, early civilizations activity, civilization lesson plan, ancient civilizations lesson plans 6th grade, introduction to ancient civilizations lesson plans.

in this ancient greece activities and resources unit, you receive 15 highly engaging ancient greece and ancient civilizations this book includes an opening unit for ancient civilizations with lessons for five. themes of geography, archaeology, and early humans, a lesson plan for a explore ancient rome, greece, egypt, and more! our collection of early civilization resources will help students understand and analyze the rise of, lesson plan for ancient civilizations with aims and objectives, ancient civilizations worksheet. what are the 4 major early civilizations? how do i teach my students civilization? what are the 6 major early civilizations? what were the 5 earliest civilizations?

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