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help your students learn about diwali with this middle school diwali lesson plan. middle school lesson plans for christmas or thanksgiving are easy to find, but this is not always true for world holidays. you may not have students who celebrate this holiday in your classes, but helping students build background knowledge and understanding of world cultures is an important goal. to help with this knowledge building, you can use this middle school diwali lesson that focuses on reading a nonfiction article and completing comprehension tasks.

in this diwali lesson, students will learn what diwali is as well as this important holiday’s history and traditions. non-fiction articles are a great way to build students’ interest and background knowledge (schema) about a topic. students will learn about the celebration of diwali in this non-fiction article. this resource contains 1 non-fiction article and 3 reading activities to assist with reading comprehension, standardized test prep (eqao) and cross-curricular learning.

thursday of this week is diwali (also spelled divali, and sometimes called deepavali/deepawali). and i really didn’t know the significance of the holiday — just that we celebrated it. today, i can share a lot more about diwali (but then, today, i’m also the teacher instead of the student, and also, i’m not 12 anymore), so i thought i’d do that here. the holiday has many different meanings for different cultural and religious groups in india, but one of the key themes of diwali is the celebration of the triumph of good over evil (definitely an idea we can all get behind). while the holiday is celebrated for its religious significance for many indian religions (including hinduism, sikhism, jainism, and others), it is also important to learn about in the context of studying world cultures, because of its’ cultural significance.

because diwali is originally a hindu holiday, for many hindu families, it can include praying to lakshmi, the hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. diwali is celebrated in sikhism for some distinct reasons: many sikhs celebrate diwali for its cultural significance, but may also partake in religious activities, including kirtan and an akhand paath (continuous reading of guru granth sahib). below you will find some more links to resources that didn’t make it into the text above, but that can be used or shared to enrich understanding of this holiday’s significance, as well as to improve cultural competence and proficiency. author “south asian american experiences in schools brown voices from the classroom” & “toddler weaning,” founder isaase.org. teacher, mom, wife.

diwali free lesson plan 60 mins with 2 activities diwali: lesson plan and 2 activities diwali is a fun holiday for students to use this fantastic resource to take the stress out of planning and inspire your diwali themed lessons. covers all aspects of the ks2 framework. middle school diwali lesson complete a pre-reading activity like a k-w-l chart. watch a short video about diwali. have students read a non-, diwali art lesson, diwali art lesson, rangoli lesson plan, worksheet on diwali, diwali teaching resources.

this lesson plan will help teachers provide information for students about the diwali holiday. students will read a text lesson about the hindu goddess “the diwali gift” lesson plan. how to use this lesson plan. if you have 20 minutes. if you have 40 minutes. if you have 60 minutes. 1. read “the diwali. . one pager on diwali. a one page summary of diwali festival for teachers. lets go to india to see the festival of diwali – lesson plan., diwali task, diwali worksheets year 3, diwali twinkl. what is diwali story? how do i write a lesson plan? what should students do on diwali? what is diwali celebration?

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