digital resources in the classroom

however, now with the schools closing due to the coronavirus, digital learning is becoming a necessity. when you’re getting started with digital learning, you need a way to deliver the resources to your students. this can be a challenge when you have students without access to technology at home. email – most families have access to email, so this is a great way to start delivering digital resources to them until you have a chance to set up another delivery system. you can create classes for each subject and create assignments with everything they need. you can provide them with links to websites and learning materials they need for digital learning. classtag – classtag is another great way to deliver digital resources to your students’ families. your students can upload work to their portfolios on the app. clever – my daughter’s teacher is using clever to deliver assignments to us during the school closure.

once you have a way to deliver resources to your students, it’s time to find ways to review concepts that you’ve already taught and ways to teach new content to your students. sign up for the teach without tears newsletter below, and join our private facebook group to ask all your questions. tara is a third grade teacher and mother of 2. she loves teaching but not the stress that comes with it. she loves using preparation, organization, and relaxation to destress and have fun teaching! subscribe to the teach without tears newsletter! welcome to teach without tears! join me to discover ways to destress both in the classroom and at home. find out more… teach without tears is a participant in the amazon services llc associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to disclosure: some of the links on this website may be affiliate links.

after thirty-one years of teaching at the secondary and university levels, i have lived long enough to have encountered many of my former students in their adulthood and i have been pleased to observe that many of them have retained the inquisitive nature of their youths while continuing to explore the past. the question for me today is how i can continue to engage students and encourage a lifelong love of history in the digital age. (3) students responded very positively to the low cost for accessing the gilder lehrman course materials and they liked not having to carry a large history textbook in their backpacks. students enjoyed listening to well-known history professors talk about their historical research and discuss books that they had written. students accessed all of the course materials and completed assignments, all using the ipad.

the best part of the class was the culminating class assignment in which students investigated a historical question and discussed how the question is relevant today. students used ipad applications such as imovie or keynote to create a digital presentation of their historical research and their analysis of the historical question. after thirty-one years of teaching, i know that the students may not remember very much from my lectures, but i know that students will remember the presentations they created for many years to come. course materials from itunes u may be downloaded onto the ipad and viewed at a later time. (3) the gilder lehrman institute of american history provides digital resources for all eras in the history of the united states and can be accessed at /history-by-era.

we’ve compiled an extensive list of 75 digital tools that can help teachers use formative assessment to elicit evidence of student learning. teacher-recommended tools for promoting collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and equity whether students are in twig is an online resource with thousands of tailor-made films, lesson plans and worksheets to support secondary school teaching in science,, digital resources for students, digital resources for students, types of digital resources, digital resources examples, classroom tools for teachers.

20 digital tools for classroom for innovative teachers & students 1. prezi 2. haiku deck 3. scratch 4. animoto 5. pixton 6. boomwriter 7. explain 30+ digital resources for your classroom screencastify – this program will allow you to record videos of yourself teaching lessons. khan academy – the math in some classrooms, “edutainment” using digital resources is seen as a way to keep kids engaged in learning. but some teachers argue that in the real world,, digital resources pdf, examples of digital tools. what are digital resources in education? what are some examples of digital resources? what is considered a digital resource? what is digital tools in classroom?

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