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i recently posted this photo of my google meet slide on instagram and had some folks request a more detailed tutorial. if you want to create a google meet or agenda slide like mine (or something similar), you can keep the default page dimensions and move onto step 2. if you want to create a google classroom header, change the page dimensions to 1,000 x 250 pixels by going to file —> page setup in google slides or design —> page setup in powerpoint. all google images were found using the “labeled for reuse” filter (more on that in a minute). for the background, i searched google for “white brick wall” and “wood floor” — then i just arranged them on the page in a way that looked semi-normal. to get your bitmoji in powerpoint, click on the chrome extension icon, right-click on the bitmoji you want, and save it as an image — then you can insert that image into your powerpoint slide. filtering your search will allow you to find the images you need a lot quicker (and it’s also a helpful trick to teach students, too!).

to find images that are labeled for reuse, click usage rights —> labeled for reuse. if you can’t find an image you like that fits this criteria, that’s okay — that’s what the website is for (but this filter allows us to skip that step). save the image to your computer and go to when resizing your images, make sure you are resizing from the corner point of the selected image. if you try to resize from one of the top or side points, the dimensions will not adjust proportionately. to link an object, simply click on the image you want to link and then click ctrl + k in google slides or right-click —> hyperlink in powerpoint. wondering how to use your virtual classroom or how to share with students on google sites or your school’s lms?

the level of detail included in each area of the room is up to the teachers. the idea behind making a bitmoji classroom is to get a home base for students and teachers to access the classroom at any time. to design the home base of your classroom, open the slide deck platform of your choice first (powerpoint or google slides) and start a new presentation. the most important directive here is to ensure that you choose images with a transparent background.

once you download the app to your phone or tablet, the process of designing your own bitmoji is reasonably straightforward. the great part of installing the extension is that every change you make to your bitmoji from the app will update automatically. once your rooms are designed, customized, and added an image of your bitmojis, you will have to share the presentation with your students and their parents or other teachers. you can also upload the virtual classroom design to your google classroom. it is not the same as a real classroom, but it adds a bit of consistency that seems to be craved by students and teachers in the world of virtual education this school year.

since many teachers use a digital learning platform, bitmoji classrooms offer interactive elements for students to click through to see the most popular use of bitmojis in education is for creating virtual classrooms, or virtual learning hubs (typically hosted on google slides, learn how to make your own virtual bitmoji classroom using google slides or powerpoint with these step-by-step directions., free bitmoji classroom, free bitmoji classroom, virtual classroom examples, how to create a virtual classroom free, virtual bitmoji classroom template.

how to use a virtual bitmoji classroom to organize your life design agenda slides create a virtual art show make google classroom header post announcements a bitmoji classroom is a visual of a virtual classroom or online learning space created in a slide deck program such as powerpoint or google and some people expressed concern that the virtual classrooms could exclude students with disabilities. at one point this week, a math teacher, bitmoji for teachers, how to create a bitmoji classroom. how do i create a bitmoji digital classroom? how do i make my bitmoji classroom interactive?

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