dga trainee salary

you might also consider applying to the assistant directors training program, jointly sponsored by the dga and the alliance of motion picture and television producers. this exciting program accepts a limited number of candidates each year to participate in on-the-job training to become second assistant directors. once accepted, a trainee completes 350 or 400 days of paid, hands-on work experience on actual film and television projects.

he or she also attends a number of mandatory seminars on various aspects of the industry. for more information on the west coast program visit www.trainingplan.org, or contact them at: assistant directors training program 15301 ventura blvd. for more information on the new york program visit www.dgatrainingprogram.org, or contact them at: assistant director training program 1697 broadway, suite #600 new york, ny 10019 telephone: (212) 397-0930 or email info@dgatrainingprogram.org.

dga rate cards 2018 – 2019. the dga minimum salary schedules for directors, unit production managers, assistant 7 see paragraph 24-403 for salary rates and production fees applicable to unit production. managers (e) trainees. trainee weekly salary rates increase over the two year period on a quarterly (six month) basis as follows: 1st quarter: , dga training program 2020, dga training program 2020, how hard is it to get into the dga training program, dga training program reddit, directors guild of america.

learn more about average dga training program salaries on simplyhired. compare average salaries by job title and the average salary for directors guild of america trainee assistant director is $112591 per year, ranging from upon completion of the program, graduates are qualified to join the dga ( directors guild of america) as second assistant , dga training program application, dga training program test, dga o, dga biennial convention

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