declaration of independence lesson plan

what precedents exist for specific elements in the declaration of independence, both in previous documents and in historical events? distinguish the responsibilities and powers of government officials at various levels and branches of government and in different times and places. give the students a short time in small groups to list complaints they have about the treatment of young people. ask the students to imagine that, in hopes of effecting some changes, they are going to compose a document based on their complaints to be sent to the appropriate audience. as they read the excerpts, students should refer back to their transcript of the declaration of independence.

once student groups have analyzed the historical documents that preceded the declaration of independence, ask them to share their findings with the rest of the class. you may wish to create a display of the information students have uncovered. students may be especially interested to view an image of a fragment of the declaration and a transcript of the earliest known draft of the declaration. if students have access to the necessary technology, they can create hyperlinks from sections of their computerized declaration to specific precedents in the declaration. for a culminating activity, the documents can be read in class in ceremonial fashion.

you probably already know that the declaration of independence was an important document in american history. the drafting of the declaration did not start the american revolution, but it made it official. there are other reasons why the declaration is so important in our collective history. of course, its original purpose was to declare independence, but it contains other original and innovative ideas as well. the ideas described were crucial to the formation of the american heritage. even though the declaration was the “first of its kind,” it was like most historical “firsts.”

the ideas in it were a logical reaction to beliefs and events of the past. the many events that led up to the drafting of the declaration included conflicts over a variety of political, economic, philosophical, religious and social issues. the development of the declaration of independence was a natural next step in the development of an american way of thinking. the ideas of the declaration were revolutionary and today they are a key part of the american way of thinking. what were the results and consequences of this new american thinking? start page | the document | a reading | signers | related information | jefferson’s account | declaration house | declaration timeline | rev. war timeline | more resources | lesson plan | ¬©1995- by the independence hall association, a nonprofit organization in philadelphia, pa founded in 1942. publishing electronically as

declaration of independence: july 4th 1776 describe and list the sections of the declaration of independence and explain the lesson plan details. the founding fathers wrote it to declare independence from england and to show they were willing to fight for it. with this document, the signers showed england i sincerely hope that you gain some new ideas and teaching strategies that will help you to bring this document to life in your classroom! break the preamble, .

this lesson focuses on a few key concepts of the declaration of independence, beginning with the phrase “all men are created equal. the students will learn the key points of the declaration of independence. the lesson is also written so that if a teacher chooses not to do the petition this lesson instructs students in the four parts of the declaration of students consider ideas that spark revolutions within governments that aren’t, . how do you teach students about the declaration of independence? what grade is the declaration of independence taught? what are the lessons for our country within the declaration of independence? what is the declaration of independence 5th grade?

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