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this page addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about dbt training and how to prepare for certification in dbt. dbt is a comprehensive treatment that requires you to blend a principle-based approach with specific protocols that are part of a greater framework of behavioral interventions like analyzing behaviors, problem-solving, and solution analysis. our levels of training make it easy to plan your dbt path. to date, the most rigorous research on dbt training methods include three randomized controlled trials (rcts) comparing two-day workshops and treatment manuals. several studies have evaluated the effectiveness of the dbt intensive training model and its impact on implementing a dbt program.

finally, several studies have evaluated the effectiveness of dbt implementation initiatives that include dbt intensive training in combination with brief workshops and expert consultation. behavioral tech courses help you prepare for dbt certification through the dbt-linehan board of certification (dbt-lbc). as you plan your training path, you can refer to the requirements for certification on the dbt-lbc website to assess your readiness. read about our services for agencies and systems. behavioral tech offers consultation services intended to assist individuals or groups in treating clients or running a dbt program.

once the “go-to” treatment for borderline personality disorder, dbt has become recognized as one of the most desirable therapies by both clinicians and patients alike — because it’s easy to apply and adapt the principles of dbt with clients from all walks of life. now i want to invite you to enroll in this exclusive online certification course so you can discover the power of dbt for yourself! see you in the course, lane pederson, psyd, lp, c-dbt ps – you can end this course and become a certified dialectical behavior therapy professional (c-dbt) at no additional cost to you! i would highly recommend lane and this training to others.” step 2: complete the ce test and instantly print your certificate of completion.

dr. pederson owns one of the largest dbt-specialized practices in the united states and has overseen the treatment of thousands of clients. he’s the author of the best-selling the expanded dialectical behavior therapy skills training manual as well as dbt skills in integrated dual disorder treatment settings and the new dialectical behavior therapy: a contemporary guide for practitioners. he is an author for pesi publishing & media and receives royalties. additionally, she has written curriculum and facilitated programming for adults with mental illness and developmental delays and has helped to design and maintain studies examining clinical outcomes of dbt programs. dr. eich is an adjunct assistant professor in the masters of counseling and psychological services program at st. mary’s university. dr. eich is an author for pesi publishing & media and receives royalties.

volunteers, and professional trainers) who is well-trained in the principles of skills training and the skills themselves. are you a mental health professional seeking to implement a dbt program and learn the core principles and strategies of dbt? the goal of the dbt comprehensive online program is to enable you to establish an effective dbt practice so you are prepared to treat patients with challenging and difficult-to-treat behaviors. now i want to invite you to enroll in this exclusive online certification course so you can discover the power of dbt for, .

this 4-day workshop is designed to provide intensive training in how to integrate ptsd treatment into standard dbt. participants will learn the dbt prolonged exposure (dbt pe) protocol for treating ptsd, one of the newest developments in dbt research and practice. learn more. online dbt course for clinicians. this training offers 5 ce/cme credits. “dbt in practice: mastering the essentials” by begin your journey towards individual dbt therapist certification. certification of dbt programs will be coming soon as,

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