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nearly every organization relies on databases to wrangle, organize and utilize their growing collections of data. database developers help organizations harness the power of data, from intellectual property and customer information to accounting and payroll. in this post, we’ll tackle the skills, experience, it training and certifications you need to help you build a successful database career. they work closely with users to maintain, configure and secure databases in an organization. you could take many different paths to become a database developer, but these critical skill sets, programming abilities and it certifications will help launch your career. while a degree is helpful, it’s not required — some database developers have also focused on building their skills through it training courses and database certifications.

sql allows developers to communicate with the database and perform a variety of tasks. it database certifications validate your expertise to an employer and solidify your professional experience. here are a few of the top microsoft and oracle database certifications: certify your sql administration skills, including your ability to create enterprise data solutions and effectively use business intelligence data. it’s an ideal certification for professionals interested in learning techniques to build, design and extract information from a database. before you pursue this certification, oracle recommends that you complete the database design and programming with sql certification. in addition to technical skills, database developers need to demonstrate they have the critical thinking, communication and leadership skills to communicate technical projects in clear, concise language to the rest of the company.

this article covers some of the best, most in-demand certifications for database administrators, database developers and anyone else who works with databases. ibm is one of the leaders in the worldwide database market by any objective measure. there is one sql database credential at the microsoft certified solutions expert level: data management and analytics.

a candidate interested in pursuing an oracle mysql certification can choose between mysql database administration and mysql developer. a foundations junior associate certification (novice level) is also available for oracle database 12c, as are three specialist designations: the implementation specialist, the oracle database performance and tuning 2015 certified implementation specialist, and the oracle real application clusters 12c certified implementation specialist. the sap learning hub is a subscription service that gives certification candidates access to a library of learning materials, including e-learning courses and course handbooks. besides the ones mentioned in this article, other database certification programs are available to further the careers and professional development of it professionals who work with database management systems.

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