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launcher is our customer-favorite accessory for dash robot. every day, classrooms around the world demonstrate the powerful sense of collaboration and hands-on learning that dash, dot, and cue inspire in students. “wonder workshop’s engaging approach to coding and robotics helps my students develop the fundamental skills of collaboration, problem-solving, and persistence through engaging, hands-on activities that enhance lessons in all subjects.” robotics is a great way for students to exercise their critical thinking skills through programming, and watch it come alive through robots.” “wonder workshop’s approach to teaching coding and robotics allows my students to build and develop computer science skills, while also learning the fundamental skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and creative storytelling.”

our lesson plans are designed to meet csta, iste-s, and common core state standards, and are aligned to code.org’s computer science fundamentals courses and computer science discovery series. steeped in design thinking, the three project-based units offer students choice and voice as they advance to the next level of coding and robotics. search by subject, grade level, and robot/accessory to find the right cross-curricular content for your students’ needs. ignite curiosity and inspire confidence in students ages 6-14 by participating in our annual wonder league robotics competition (wlrc). apple, the apple logo, and ipad are trademarks of apple inc., registered in the u.s. and other countries. app store is a service mark of apple inc. javascript is a registered trademark of oracle and/or its affiliates.

the dash & dot robots provide an entertaining introduction to the world of programming for younger children. the interface is intuitive, and children can easily customise dash or dot’s colors, eye lights, voice, and can drive dash. the app is perfect for introducing students to the possibilities of what dash & dot can do. using the xylophone accessory that comes with the wonder pack kit, this app enables children to compose songs and program dash to move around while playing music. the idea behind this activity is to teach children the concept of sequencing and loops. the wonder app is the latest addition to this series of apps for dash & dot. explain that in this lesson children will learn how to control the robot, dash using the ipad app, go.

ask for a volunteer to come forward to see if they can use the controls on the ipad to make dash blink. using the ipad app, path, children will need to design a path for dash to follow. students use the path app to draw different paths for dash to take. explain that in this lesson, the children will be composing music for dash to play. they will be using the xylo app on the ipad and the xylophone accessory. show the children how, by tapping on the different colours, we can create a sequence of different sounds, as each colour represents a different note. you can demonstrate this by playing one of the readymade tunes, e.g. he is passionate about making the most of technology to enrich the education of students.

and hands-on learning that dash, dot, and cue inspire in students. designed for k-5 teachers and students, these step-by-step lesson plans cover six wonder workshop’s comprehensive curricular resources enable teachers to help students practice computational thinking and 21st-century skills with dash, dot in this lesson, students will get to know dash and dot while being introduced to the ideas of robotics and programming. subjects: coding. group size: 2 – 4, dash and dot challenge cards pdf, dash and dot apps, dash and dot apps, dash robot activities, dash and dot robot.

this book provides teachers with ideas on how to integrate dash & dot in the classroom for coding as well as other stem subjects. these activities are designed classroom activities using the dash & dot robots dot is an instigator – he can communicate with dash through lights and sounds. dash and dot are robots that can sense, act and think! students use block coding on four different ipad apps to control their robots. the durable and child, dot and dash lesson plans kindergarten, wonder workshop. how do you use a dash and dot in a classroom? how do you program dash and dot? what is the purpose of dash and dot? can dash and dot interact with each other?

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