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cybersecurity is a growing issue for businesses and individuals alike, and the demand for training in the field is on the rise. considering each course normally costs $90–$2,000 by itself, the discounted fee of $149 (usually $1,199) per year for access to all courses is well worth it. all-in-all, this is a training toolbox that can serve you well as you embark on a career in the industry. this set of courses goes beyond the basics, so is less suitable for home users looking to boost their cybersecurity knowledge and more for business owners or would-be cybersecurity professionals.

you can opt to take courses with or without quizzes, which are presented in a multiple-choice format and test knowledge and understanding of each module. as you can see, the flow of this program is tailored to someone who is thinking of pursuing a career in the cybersecurity field. if you’re debating a career in cybersecurity and thinking about which route to take, this course could be a good fit for you. by the end of this course, you’ll be able to develop a cyber risk mitigation strategy for your business or that of a client. as such, it has become more of a basic requirement for people to make themselves aware of the risks that are out there and what they can do to protect themselves.

while you will ideally need to take a degree or other accredited course in computer science, in which you can choose networking and security topics to suit your career path, there are other options available that you can try in order to test the waters and see whether the industry really is for you. in terms of cybersecurity the ou is a little lacking in a specialized course in this – however, they do offer a flexible honors degree in computing and it where you can choose to focus in different areas, all of which will show a concern for security issues. there are also online degrees available in either computing and it or data science, and like the open university although none are focused specifically on cybersecurity, you can be assured that cybersecurity will be a significant part of the curriculum.

the base tuition for the cyber security specialization program costs $12,500 up front, or you can choose zero-fee tuition and pay 10% of your salary only once you have a job with a $40,000 salary. if you’re looking for a solid and structured way to enter the professional world of cybersecurity, this may be the right course for you. after reading through a series of comprehensive entries about operating systems, networking and system administration, you can register for a quiz that puts your expertise to the test.

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