cross training at home

whether you’re shuffling along on the local 5k circuit or you’re one of the few special athletes who have the olympics in your sights, having to sit on the sidelines happens to every runner at some point. soon enough, the prolonged pain turns into real injury. instead, quality cross-training workouts in the pool, on the bike, and even stretching it out on a yoga mat can assure you’re not totally dying when you make that epic comeback. and if you’re not in a walking boot and feeling perfectly healthy, building in a day to cross-train every week can be the perfect complement to staying free of injury. “aqua jogging will closely mimic the demands of running and the fitness you gain here will carry over better to running because it does not have the same muscular demands as running. it keeps the blood flowing through all the muscles of the body without adding any additional impact,” says leivers.

“many of the exercises are done unilaterally and help correct some of the imbalances that running creates.” woodruff recommends incorporating the following three stretches into your training routine to help speed up the process of bouncing back from injury. step back with your right leg, keeping your knee straight and your right heel pressed into the ground. hold for 10-30 seconds, then repeat on the other side.” how to do it: “start from a kneeling position. placing your hands on your right thigh, press forward over the right leg, pushing your hips forward slightly. you should feel the stretch at the top of your left thigh. keeping your knee straight, and your right hip pressed firmly into the ground, slowly lower the leg to the left. hold for 10-30 seconds and repeat the sequence on the left side.” why it helps: “the iliotibial (it) band starts at the hip and runs down the outside of your leg.

cross training seems to have a bad reputation throughout the running community. however, cross training doesn’t have to be as miserable as we make it out to be. it takes up a considerable amount of our free time each week, which makes adding another workout on top of our regular runs feel redundant and unnecessary. we don’t always want to spend hours at the gym lifting weights, at a yoga class, or drowning in boredom on the elliptical. cross training doesn’t have to include any of those activities. but best of all, cross training can also take the form of a quick sweat session in your living room. a commute to the gym, change in clothes, and time spent on a machine makes fitting in these types of cross training workouts on a regular basis incredibly unrealistic. so, for those of us who skip our cross training workouts regularly and avoid anything other than running, here is my solution: this cross training workout requires no equipment whatsoever. the goal of this cross training challenge is to complete the workout in under 30 minutes. if you are perfect and take absolutely no extra seconds in between moves, the workout should last exactly 24 minutes and 30 seconds.

but for those of us who aren’t perfect, this means limiting our breaks and procrastination moving on to the next move to try and complete everything within 30 minutes. cross training workouts are essential for runners. incorporating even just 15 minutes of cross training a week can really make a big impact on your running health. it seems like cross training is making a resurgence. pretty much all of the marathon training plans that i have viewed have a cross training component to it. most times, i find cross training refereshing . except when the gym is packed. i think regular cross training is an important component in staying healthy and avoiding burnout! i still have a ways to go – i usually get in one cross training workout per week but am hoping to increase that! make this your best training season yet!

4 awesome cross-training workouts for newbies to elite runners 1. aqua jogging and lower-body jumping jacks – 1 minute high knees – 30 seconds lunges – 1 minute butt kicks – 45 seconds. how to do it: place a resistance band around both legs just above your knees, and stand tall, with your, cross training at home for runners, cross training exercises, cross training exercises, cross training for runners, cross training plan for runners. see photos. 20 x squats. on every 5th repetition, hold squat in the bottom half for 10 seconds. triceps bench dips x 20 lunge jumps x 20 towel pull ups x 20 split jumps x 50 hold prone plank for 30 seconds, hold left side plank for 30 seconds and right side plank for 30 seconds.

annie. cross training. bogdankosanovicgetty images. descending rounds of 50- 14 cross-training activities to try that don’t require you going to tattooed woman doing yoga at home. 10 x [1 push-up + 1 knee tuck]. see photos. 20 x squats. on every 5th repetition, hold squat in the bottom half for 10,

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