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i taught literacy enrichment, an ela intervention elective class, to 6th-8th graders at gonzales middle school from fall of 2008 to the spring of 2013. i served as the electives team leader on campus for three years until i was selected to be a mentor teacher for the 2012-2013 school year. in addition to my regular teacher duties, i also worked as a mentor teacher to other teachers on our campus and served on my school leadership team during this school year. i also continued my role as a mentor teacher and member of the school leadership team. in december of 2014, i lead a presentation at the lacue conference entitled “keep calm and nearpod on: engaging students and differentiating your instruction”.

the biggest honor i have received is being selected to be a mentor teacher and a member of the school leadership team from 2012-2015. not only do i teach my students, but i am also in charge of helping other teachers on my campus. in addition, i have been nominated for teacher of the year at my school for the past four school years. i began my undergraduate degree at river parish community college where i was a member of the ambassadors program, a community and campus service organization. in addition, i was named the top social studies education major at slu in the spring of 2008. in addition to being a teacher, i am also a wife and mama to one sweet little boy and four furbabies. in my spare time, i enjoy: -reading ya literature -making crafts for both my classroom and my home -painting inspirational quotes and quotes from my favorite literary works – and many other creative things.

so many people ask me all the time for easy tools to help manage and use portfolios in the classroom. there are tons of lessons, samples, templates and ideas for integrating the arts across content areas in a hands-on way. this website provides a visual timeline of 10 painters and their most famous works, to help build compelling stories. this site, produced through pbs, allows students to explore the convergence of art and science in a virtual lab experience. even so, we want to make sure we understand the terms of the art form and figure out how we can use it well in our own classrooms.

wouldn’t it be fun to use this as a prototype and then actually build the creation? if you’re looking for a curation of artwork that you can use for your arts integration and steam lessons, we’d suggest taking a look at the art authority app. if you feel like you are trying to juggle being both an “ideal worker” and an “ideal parent/friend/child,etc” this is a must-read. he guides you through how to unlock your own passion and become a master yourself. there is a difference between essentialism and minimalism and this book really helps to bring you back to what matters for you.

looking for something creative to use in your classroom? take a look at the freebies section of the creative classroom. this space is updated often! lesson plan & record books readers teacher resource books workbooks worksheets classroom décor awards & rewards banners bookmarks borders browse over 280 educational resources created by the creative classroom in the official teachers pay teachers store., creative classroom design, creative classroom design, creative classroom ideas, creative classroom connections, creative classroom podcast.

tes resources is a global marketplace where educators connect to make, sell, and share high-quality original educational creative classroom resources. teacher created resources is the leading publisher of educational materials, classroom decorations & teacher supplies for preschool, elementary & middle what resources should we be investigating that will help us to bring creativity back to our classrooms? today, we’re sharing 25 creative, creative teaching materials workbooks, the creative classroom shop. what are some creative resources? what are the creative classroom activities? how do you make a classroom creative? what resources do students need in the classroom?

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