created materials in teaching

these can range from books, printed materials, graphs, charts, videos, realia, and a lot of varied materials that aid in learning. it is easy to succumb to using materials that are commercially produced and textbooks that are provided by the school or the education center that a teacher works for. published materials are level-appropriate, thus, they give good practice for the students. creating materials that are tuned to the students’ needs gives the learning experience more meaningful. creating one’s materials could be time-consuming, takes a lot of effort for the teacher but the advantages could outweigh these inconveniences. for young learners, the teacher can create a lot of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory aids. an example of this is while telling a story, the teacher can show pictures, 3d cutouts, real objects, and sound effects. some books may not be up to date of these trends, thus, the teacher needs to create materials for these purposes.

though caution is also necessary, materials should be appropriate to the level of the student. making adjustments to the existing materials are needed before they can be effectively used in the classroom. for example, if the learners are beginner level and the vocabulary is quite difficult for them, then, the teacher can create flashcards and other visual aids to give a clearer picture of the vocabulary. for example, for visual learners, the teacher can create powerpoint presentations. likewise with the other learning styles. these materials can be mixed to maximize the students’ learning process. the teacher can use authentic materials for learning. the materials would make the students able to relate and when this happens, they could feel a sense of achievement when they can engage.

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