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we at online course report believe in transparency and thoroughness in all that we do, which is why we take the time to do our research on our rankings and then tell you about how we reached our conclusions. plus, did we mention that the course is free for those who are not wanting a certificate of completion, while those who do want a certificate can expect to pay $90? the law for the entrepreneur and manager is an excellent course that can help you avoid the major legal pitfalls you’re likely to encounter in business. at the successful completion of this course, you will receive a certificate that can be attached to your linkedin profile. this course is taught by the university of pennsylvania, home to the wharton school of business and other prestigious colleges. the course is designed to help you motivate and incentivize people in a constructive way, so you get the best out of each employee. schedule five hours of your week to study the materials in this course and become proficient in networking in as little as four weeks.

in the four hours it will take you to complete this course successfully, you will learn how to eat more healthily and live longer. the month you’ll spend in this class will give you the tools to complete another course on this ranking quickly and with better retention of the information. the course is offered to you by the prestigious wharton school of business, which is part of the university of pennsylvania. there are specific elements to stories that make them engaging, and the study of these elements is what you will cover in the storytelling in the workplace course, which lasts three weeks. there will not be an instructor and other classmates there to encourage you to be fully engaged with the material; it is up to you to make the most of your learning experience. what really matters with any course is that you master the knowledge and are able to apply the knowledge to real-life situations. packing your lunch each day saves the driving time to fast-food restaurants and allows you the time to log into the course and engage in discussions that may be required.

and if you’re serious about putting your career on the fast track, you need to demonstrate your willingness to learn and grow. online education offers you the opportunity to do just that—at a pace that works with your schedule. the lessons seek to cover “only practical concepts that you can use and no boring theory.” are your peers earning more money than you, even though they have just as much experience? this one-hour course offers insights on developing a negotiation game plan and improving your persuasiveness. free according to instructor gary vaynerchuk, ceo and founder of vaynermedia, this course is tailored for “anyone who realizes that we’re living in a time when anyone can form a business or brand around something they’re passionate about.” (hint: that should be you!)

this two-hour course with 50 lectures covers topics including self-awareness and discovering your passion, a breakdown of how to best use the top social media platforms, and monetization of your traffic. do you have a game plan in place to get you to the next level of your career? free if you can’t remember the last time you updated your resume and gave it a thorough reevaluation, now’s the time. this 35-minute course from the aovo academy seeks to improve your time management and overall productivity, both professionally and personally. think of this course as a modern update on how to win friends and influence people. the course aims to revolutionize how you interact with others personally and professionally as a means to boost your charisma—and, in turn, your income.

some of us dread the professional growth courses that employers often encourage their employees to take, but picking successful negotiation: essential strategies and skills. introduction to public speaking. leading teams. fundamentals of management. creative problem solving. inspiring and motivating individuals. strategic career self-management. time management for personal and professional productivity. 10 totally-worth-it online courses for mid-career professionals. go back to school —and push your career forward—from, .

mit professional education offers lifelong learning opportunities for professionals globally—whether on-campus, online build your leadership, communication and other skills with online courses from the top universities and institutions. two, we hand-curated this list to ensure it’s only courses that are valuable and interesting. geared toward experts (scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals), this course will help you,

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