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this has allowed me to see many different approaches to classroom displays and observe a range of approaches in action. why not experiment with a few of these and discover which ones you feel add the most value to your classroom and teaching style? this can be built up into quite an achievement for a pupil to have their work featured in the gallery that week, and you could send a message home to the parents of these pupils as part of the recognition. a long list of technical words related to computing, highlighted in different colours, may not make for the most inspiring or imaginative classroom display ever seen.

this type of display can be used to arouse interest and curiosity in a particular topic of computing. these are becoming popular in schools as an alternative to wall displays, and might be seen as an extension to your whiteboard. this could be used to protect some components of a display, or to add a ‘dry-wipe’ functionality so that some of the content can be easily updated and refreshed as required. john parkin shares how he ran a digital detox day with a class of reception children and some tips on how to do one with your class. hw17: health and well-being, pg.

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browse ict classroom display resources resources on teachers pay x 200 -teaching resource, classroom display computer computing. here are all the display resources that i’ve created for the computing suite at my school. i hope you find them useful! algorithms poster alphabet cards how noticeable are your computing classroom wall displays? if you are looking for some ideas for creating an engaging computing display you, twinkl. what makes a good classroom display? how do i make my classroom display interactive? how can a computer be used in a classroom? what is computer science in the classroom?

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