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computer science colleges offer good entry points to the ever-expanding field of information technology. plus, having a degree related to information technology can enable you to find exceptional job opportunities in all kinds of different sectors—and with some of the coolest companies. annual job openings are for the period from 2018 to 2028 and are based on employment projections from the bureau of labor statistics. maybe you’d like to be one of the people who write the code that brings software to life and makes it work the way it should.

and organizations of every type are being affected. as a computer network architect or engineer, you might be in charge of planning and building anything from a small local area network (lan) or intranet that connects just a few offices to a large wide area network (wan) that spans many offices across multiple states or countries. the job also usually involves adding new users to a computer network, making sure they have the proper security permissions, and training them to navigate the system. it’s an occupation that continues to evolve alongside changes to the internet and how people use and interact with the technology that connects us.

computer science jobs often include the following: when it comes to what jobs can you can get a with a computer science degree, being a computer scientist is certainly one of them. some positions may require an advanced degree while others are available to those with a computer science associate degree. many computer science schools offer these nowadays, and they can be a convenient way to schedule study times around work and family obligations. typically, certification requires passing an online exam and paying a fee for testing, and in some cases there can be more than one component of test-taking.

you’ll need more than a computer science degree to work successfully in the field. there are varying levels of education for those who are interested in computer science jobs. there are a number majors one can chose, such are computer science (cs), computer information systems (cis), information technology (it), and even some legacy programs such as management information systems (mis). like with most post-secondary areas of study, there are several variations according to rigor, and depth of study, for associate and bachelor degrees, two and four years respectively, for more advanced degrees such as masters, two-three years after having completed a bachelors.

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