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most degrees require little to no prior experience in computer science or coding, and there are a range of opportunities for you to work on a collaborative team or in a project-based setting. undergraduates in computer science have the opportunity to become thoroughly involved in research, working with faculty and resources that are some of the best in the world. the program is highly flexible, allowing students to major in computer science through either the a.b. this allows them to gain experience in the core areas of computer science and their own chosen disciplines. california institute of technology offers a computer science major that provides students with a solid footing in the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of computing. through the aquincum institute of technology, students may study at the budapest university of technology and economics in hungary. the bachelor of science in computer science at the georgia tech college of computing prepares students with the tools necessary to become successful at innovation and leadership in the field of computing. the computer science program at columbia prepares graduates for a broad range of careers in industry, education, or government, providing them with the skills necessary to become leaders in the field. all programs in the computer science department require students to take a core set of courses in mathematical sciences, physical sciences, and computer sciences.

students have access to a range of recently renovated research and learning facilities, such as upson hall. students develop the knowledge of computing algorithmic fundamentals and the potential to initiate major future discovery through their studies in the ever-changing world of computer science at the university of michigan. a unique feature of the computer science program is the ability it provides for students to pursue other areas of interest. while students in the computer science program will take a wide variety of interdisciplinary courses, most students begin their study in the major by taking a sequence of introductory courses, including an introduction to computer science for everyone and fundamentals of computer programming. while enrolled, students may choose to major in the bachelor of science in computer science, the bachelor of science in mathematics and computer science, the bachelor of science in statistics and computer science, a minor in computer science, or a software engineering certificate. coursework will be taken in the following subjects: while enrolled, students have access to a range of teaching and research laboratories to help them hone their experience in computer science. faculty members are at the cutting-edge of computer science research in fields such as big data, cloud, and mobile, and work with students to inspire them to create and innovate new technologies. in addition to a rigorous, well-established program in computer science, the university of california, irvine offers students the unique opportunity to pursue a joint undergraduate degree in computer science and engineering. the department of computer science’s accredited bachelor of science in computer science allows students to pursue specialized tracks of study in key areas. in fact, some of the best film programs in…

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