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unlike physicians and many other healthcare professionals, medical assistants are not required to be certified or licensed in most states. the bureau of labor statistics (2020) notes that aspiring medical assistants must typically attend a postsecondary education program lasting from one to two years, which includes instruction in subjects such as anatomy and medical terminology.

alternatively, in august 2019, the aama launched a pilot program giving medical assistants another educational pathway to be eligible for the cma certification exam. focusing on only credentialing organizations recognized by the national commission for certifying agencies (ncca), here is a summary of certification requirements for three other entities: as previously mentioned, the bls (2020) states that medical assistants are not required to be certified in most states. although most states do not require medical assistants to be certified, most employers in all states seek out applicants with minimum qualifications that include national-level certification from one of the aforementioned organizations.

training and certification guarantees that a medical assistant possesses the required knowledge and skills to safely work in a clinical or administrative environment. to be eligible for a medical assistant certification, all applicants must take training and education from an accredited program or institution approved by the chosen certification board or agency. the academic, training and testing requirements for earning a certification are different for each association. in place of graduating from an approved school, medical assistants may qualify for testing by graduating from a formal medical services training program through the us armed forces or having a work history of at least five years as a full-time medical assistant or instructor. the requirements for each certification vary slightly in terms of the curriculum, training and exam content. ccbma is recognized by the medical board of california as an approved certification agency. retrieved on january 3, 2020.

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this piece details how to become a certified medical assistant (cma), including the necessary education, training, and those who are 18 years or older can apply for a ccma certification. applicants must receive training through an the cma designation signifies that an individual working in this field has mastered a comprehensive body of knowledge, .

clinical medical assistant (cma) training program. christ health trains men and women for careers as certified the american association of medical assistants (aama) offers membership, cma (aama) certification, and educational now that you’ll have an annual training program built into your cma+sima membership, you’ll get to choose how training,

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