cls program requirements

each application cycle the ucdh cls program may have up to 100 applications with typically 50% of these applications determined as qualified and evaluated. it is expected that 8-14 students will be accepted into the cls training program each year. degree with a gpa of 3.0 or greater both overall and sciences; complete the prerequisite courses of analytical chemistry, immunology, physics, biochemistry, medical microbiology or pathogenic bacteriology, and hematology 2-3 months before starting the training program; and obtain a valid trainee license from the state of california.

this hematology curriculum was specifically structured to meet the needs of the cls trainee applicant and will provide them with hematology instruction required to enter a cls training program. the state required course work is approved by the state of california public health department, lfs as they grant final approval prior to issuing the required cls training license. the deadline for application for the fall class is january 1st; interviews will be held in feb or march; and the students will be notified with the decision before april 1 each year. the university of california is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.

how competitive is the cls training program at ucdh? each application cycle the ucdh cls program may have up to your degree requirements at a school of your choice. list of approved cls training school programs & affiliates:. the cls program will provide both didactic and practical clinical training in hematology, clinical chemistry, blood , kaiser cls program, kaiser cls program, california cls program requirements, cls trainee license, cls training program quest diagnostics.

prerequisite courses: laboratory field services, the state agency that issues the cls trainee license, makes the students may apply to the cls program before the prerequisite courses are complete, provided they will please visit for more information on degree requirements, course planning to apply for the san diego clinical laboratory scientist training program as a cls trainee, you must meet/possess the , how long is the cls program, uci cls program, sfsu cls program, ucsd cls program

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