classroom activities

you can ask participants to do quizzes on their own, or you can ask them to work in groups and even set a quiz up as a competition, whereby the group that gets most questions right wins. you can then ask the groups of fours to combine into a group of eight for another subsequent activity. you can use snowballing when you want to guide your participants into developing a project, for example. a personal question requires the participants to express their personal opinion or to tell something that they experienced.

when to use presentations: they are very useful, of course, if you are teaching presentation skills, as a way for participants to practice. to do a presentation, participants really need to focus on the topic; they need to work well together and it is a good way for them to take ownership of their learning. when to use games for classroom training: you can use games at the start of a training session to allow participants to become familiar with each other (the so-called ice-breakers), or during the session when you want to re-energize your participants. another type of visual you can ask participants to draw is a mind-map. mind-maps are a useful way to separate a topic into sub-topics or to look at the same topic from different points of view.

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top 10 classroom games 1. charades 2. hangman 3. scatter-gories 4. bingo 5. puzzles 6. draw swords 7. hot potato 8. pictionary. 15 active learning activities to energize your next college class 1. think-pair-repair 2. improv games 3. brainwriting 4. jigsaw 5. concept best team-building games for the classroom. team-building games and activities are a fun way to help students learn to work together, quick games to play in the classroom. what are classroom activities? what are examples of learning activities? what are the creative classroom activities? how do you entertain a classroom?

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