classroom activities for 5th graders

there are many reasons that you may need to resort to having indoor recess. so, i’m here to give you a list of 20+ activities to do inside so that you can save your sanity. it’s free and it’s perfect for indoor recess because it’s easy for you to just turn on and all students can participate. i just had them find a spot to sit and hang out to work on an individual activity. but my 5th graders were pickier and there were some videos that fell short for them so i’ll tell you some of our favorites. a lot of these ideas have spanned the decades, as they were games i played way back in my school years. this would be perfect for indoor recess so students can still spread out and move around. maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll be an opening during your recess time. if you have access to youtube and a projector, there are infinite possibilities of things to do.

it’s great for when you want to get something else done while the kids play. it’s also perfect if you live in chilly areas in the winter months where you may have many days in a row of indoor recess. then the students could choose where they wanted to go. some activities had to have a cap so that there weren’t too many kids there and not enough in another room but it worked really well. but there are apps, games, activities that the students can use to keep occupied. they have a few things going for them. they are quiet. i hope you found some useful ideas to help you the next time you are stuck inside! it’s morning, the sun is out, and keep some of these activities and suggestions in mind as you consider how you can keep engaging students in the last couple of months of figurative language fun is sure to be had with these 10 figurative language activities and resources.

research shows that a social-emotional learning curriculum can lead to improved academic performance. research shows that a social-emotional learning curriculum can lead to improved academic performance. here’s an activity that makes math real for students and can speak to what’s important to them.

for formative assessment, along with a fun way to get students thinking and talking about math. similar to activity 3, this activity (also taken from math 180) is a way to get all students to find an entry point and then think and talk about mathematics. fraction equivalence is a place where many 5th graders struggle, and understanding it is essential in order to master the 5th grade standard of adding and subtracting unlike fractions. we realize it’s a never-ending goal of getting all of your students to love and engage with math with an endless number of ways to seek entry points and differentiate instruction.

the fifth grade activities ideas provides below, such as making a bouncy ball, keeping a candle burning underwater, and building a homemade when it comes to fifth grade lessons, we’ve got you covered! find all of your reading, writing, math, science, and social studies needs. board games: connect 4, candyland, chutes & ladders, checkers, apples to apples, sequence, jenga, headbanz, and trouble…just to name a few. my kids even like, .

fun 5th grade math activities activity 1: venn diagram your class activity 2: clear the board activity 3: number strings activity 4: which bring creative technology to fifth-grade classrooms! design a book cover character scrapbook personification stories come visit our state historical science activities rocky rock – free geography activity rocky rock salty ice! science activity – make the egg float! hot air balloon – science activity on, . what are good activities for 5th graders? what are some fun games to play in a classroom? how do you engage in 5th grade? what do you teach in 5th grade? 50 classroom activities for 5th gradecaption a photo to make your own meme. set goals for your time at home. create and send a digital postcard. family recipes. make wanted posters for vocabulary words. take a scratch art brain break. helping those who are helping others. design your own how-to video.

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